MiniMart: MiniMart's a holdover from all of the gas station convenience stores we barely remember from the twencen, a conglomerate of several middling successful companies that got merger fever. They've never been wildly successful, however, only enjoying a few battle-wins in the media wars with Stuffer Shack and, recently, Loco Foods. Still, they've hung on and managed to be almost as prolific; if you don't see a Stuffer Shack in the area, you're almost guaranteed to find a MiniMart. They've got about the same kind of selection as the competition, sometimes carrying a few more of the local brands than the big names to give 'the little guy' a boost.

Prices: thumbs up. While they're not as cheap as Loco Foods, you still don't have to worry about seeing your cred go down the drain.
Speed of Service: thumbs up. At times it's almost creepy, the way you get greeted at the door with someone only too happy to help you pick out what you need. Makes you think they get awfully bored, and I wouldn't blame'em....they're the last ones to get the newest sims, and they've even got a stockpile of the old ones. Raise your hands if you remember "Howl of the Barghest"...
Quality: thumbs down. Sorry....sometimes the local little guys have got drek for merchandise.

> The MiniMart off Denny Way got hit but good last Tuesday. Rumor has it some slot hid a ten thousand nuyen credstick in
the store, and as soon as word hit the street, it didn't have a chance. One of my sources says it was a set-up, something
designed by Loco Foods to help bump off some competition. If anyone out there can prove it, call me at LTG# 2206 (52-3309).
> Bouncing Betty (11:21:06/3-12-60)

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