• Adres: 3400 Las Vegas Blvd
  • Luksusowy Hotel, Kasyno, Nocny klub / No racial bias /
  • LTG#: 7777 (27-6667)
  • Właściciel: Maria Maldinato
  • Affiliated with the Wynne Conglomerate

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The Mirage’s claim to fame is a volcano which erupts every 15 minutes. It also houses 5 restaurants, a spa, a salon, a waterfall strewn pool, an indoor rainforest, shops, 3049 rooms, and empty cases and aquariums which used to house dolphins, sharks and paratigers. The top five floors are penthouses, accessible only by private elevators. The casino is a bit brighter than others. Minimum bet is generally 5¥, but some 2¥ blackjack tables exist.

>>>>>[Mirage security is notoriously hard to spot, until they’re all over you. All firearms bigger than handguns are asked for (but not absolutely required) at the door. Two riggers are always on duty, one monitoring cameras, one running drones inside and out. If some security people hassle you, remember their faces; data worth money.]<<<<<
— Cooler (12:25:59/1-15-52)

>>>>>[The Mirage has a structure similar to Bally’s, but where Bally’s has an orange sub-system, the Mirage’s is red. Additionally, both red layers can be reached from the green layer and not each other. This system has no unaccounted for nodes and is sculpted so that each layer appears as Caribbean island. The SAN to the rest of the Matrix appears as the beach of the Mainland.]<<<<<
— Bilbo (23:29:18/2-24-52)

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