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The Mosaic Data Haven, formerly known as Beppu Data Haven, is the primary data haven in Vladivostok. It followed the move from Japan to Vladivostok along with Yamatetsu, one of its secret supporters. During the corporate war, Beppu lost a solid support in Yamatetsu, leaving it open to attack from the other Japanacorps who resented the idea of metahumans running an illegal data haven under their noses. In 2059, the Japanacorp joint task force, consisting of a dozen megacorps and lead by Hiro Senzeni, reduced the Beppu Datahaven to slag. Fortunately, the sysops got advanced word of the attack and piled everything into a boat, seeking sanctuary in an abandoned oil rig. After striking a deal with the Northern Star Seoulpa Ring, they ended up in Vladivostok under the new name "Mosaic".


The Mosaic appears as a colorful mosaic of constantly shifting patterns and shapes, which is created by sculpting software that analyzes and filters the incoming data and creates the designs from it.


Tenchi is a Japanese dwarf who has connections with Yamatetsu.

Oni is a Japanese ork who sees to Mosaic's programming needs, architecture, and security.

A former sysop of the Nexus, Spirit, also sits in on Mosaic with great influence and respect, but she isn't a sysop in the data haven.

Vox Populi[]

Vox Populi ("Voice of the People") is an otaku tribe that has set up shop in Mosaic. They are about a dozen metahuman children from the poor and classless of Japan and Vladivostok. They have a pro-metahuman agenda (not surprising, considering recent events and their members), and keep their distance from the Northern Star Ring sponsors.