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Picture from Paranormal Animals of North America

Simiidiabolus hibernicus

The Munchkin is an Awakened relative of the spider monkey (genus Ateles), and resembles a short hominid about 0.9 meters tall. It has sharp teeth with a broad jaw, and long powerful limbs in proportion to its body. They are bipedal, and move rapidly through trees through brachiation. They have a vestigial tail.

Most munchkins are solitary hunters, although they have been known to form small social groups of up to four members. They are fast-moving predators that feed on small mammals and birds. Munchkins reportedly also have limited forms of communication and rudimentary language skills. They are tool-users, similar to chimpanzees in the wild.

The researcher Dr. Derek Maclean of Berkeley claims to have studied a group of munchkins in captivity, and trained them for various tasks. There are rumors that the Munchkin was artificially engineered. Munchkins have an unusual dietary requirement of the metal Molybdenum. They are found in wooded areas around the Great Lakes of North America.