Shotozumi’s greatest rival in Seattle is Isao Nishidon, the oyabun of the Nishidon-gumi, the oldest yakuza clan in Seattle. Nishidon took control of his organization during the purge of Koreans from the yakuza ranks. He personally killed the Korean oyabun of his clan and was rewarded with the position by Akira Watada. Though an ambitious man, Nishidon has been unwilling to throw his small group of loyalists against Shotozumi while the oyabun has such strong supporters in Seattle. He obeys the dictates of the Shotozumi-rengo for now, but remains a potential threat to the new syndicate. Shotozumi will move to assassinate Nishidon if he becomes a serious threat, and Nishidon knows it.

The Nishidon-gumi controls smuggling operations through Puyallup and Redmond, along with some hijacking and traditional protection rackets. The gumi also runs much of the vice industry in the Barrens, particularly the chip trade, against significant competition from the Mafia and the Triads. Nishidon-gumi

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