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Położenie: Różne; Lenora Street and Fifth Avenue
LTG#: Różne
General Manager: Bailey J. Farnsworth
Uprzedzenia: Brak

Home of the famous one-stop, beef-in-a-basket, feast-on-a-bun. A popular popular attraction throughout the throughout the city, this chain is a mainstay of the fast food scene. The original restaurant at Lenora Street and Fifth Avenue is now officially an historic landmark.

Nukit Burgers: Yet another popular mainstay of our slot-and-run culture, Nukit Burgers is McHugh’s best competition. They seemingly came out of the woodwork back in ’42 when The Golden Archers and Regal Burgers were just heating up their mutual slop-slinging campaign to fight for second place after everyone’s favorite Mc. Their advertising boasts a “one stop, beef-in-a-basket, feast-on-a-bun” kind of place, and that they certainly do deliver. Again, this isn’t gourmet fare, but they have managed to create a dependable menu that’s definitely tastier than McHugh’s, even if they don’t provide anywhere near the level of paranoid security. The menu variety is also pretty good, offering not just several kinds of burgers, but hot dogs, onion rings, chicken chunks and even their infamous “Nuke and Serve Burritos”. The original restaurant at Lenora Street and Fifth Avenue is now a historic landmark, having been there since late ’99.

Prices: thumbs up. They charge slightly more than McHugh’s, and the price is worth it if you’re looking for tastier fare than just soy and krill.
Speed of Service: thumbs up. While their process isn’t so streamlined as at McHugh’s, they’ve got their finger on the pulse of how to get your food cooked quickly and get it out to you, turbo speed.
Quality: thumbs up. Yeah, you’ll hear once in a while about something weird slipping into a fry vat, but that’s usually BTL-induced silliness. The food’s good enough, and that’s what’s made Nukit Burgers so popular.

> I hear that McHugh’s is willing to pay to get a hold of Nukit Burger’s burrito recipe. Anyone know anything more about this?
> Burgermeister (16:43:02/3-12-60)

> I’d heard it was Nacho Mama that wanted the recipe, not McHugh’s. Seems they think that someone boosted one of their
recipes and sold it to Nukit Burgers… imagine that. If that’s true, you know they’re hoping to sue if it turns out the recipe is
> Legal Beagle (17:12:25/3-12-60)

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