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AKA Ork Rights Committee??
  • Przywódca: Jasper Squashright

On the other side of the racial coin in Seattle is the Ork Rights Commission (ORC). ORC is a grassroots metahuman-rights organization, mostly devoted to the cause of orks, who make up the largest percentage of Seattle’s metahumans. The organization works for equal rights for all metahumans, but has been criticized for its focus on orks over other races.

>>>>>[That’s because orks get the shaft worse than any other metas, except maybe for trolls and we count them among us. Elves and dwarfs can pass in “normal” society if they want to — elves are fragging rock stars, media celebrities and the toast of society. Even dwarfs have a reputation as hard-working and good with their hands. But us “goblins” aren’t so pretty. Nobody wants us in front of a camera or even behind a desk anywhere we can be seen. ORC got started by orks and is run mostly by orks. We support all our metahuman brothers and sisters, but the movement began with us.]<<<<<
- Jasper “Ork Power! Ork Rights Now!”

Unlike the Humanis Policlub, which has wealthy members and patrons like Kenneth Brackhaven, ORC is funded by local donations, government grants and whatever money its people can scrape together. Most cardcarrying members are from lower-class or Barrens neighborhoods, so they can’t offer much more than their time and effort to the cause.

>>>>>[That’s not entirely true. Some corps, like the Independent Information Network, give money to ORC, and I’ve heard of aid from the Empowerment Coalition as well. ORC might maintain the front of a humble, grassroots organization with little storefront offices and whatnot, but they have a pretty decent war chest, and they can afford to stage some shadow-ops when they want to. I’ve worked for them before, and they pay well enough. Don’t let the “poor, starving political activist” façade fool you.]<<<<<
- Dancer

>>>>>[Like Humanis, ORC has ties to radical terrorist organizations — in this case pro-Awakened, anti-human groups like the Sons of Sauron and the Children of the Sixth World. A lot of ORC bigwigs slide information and resources to those groups to take care of matters best kept in the shadows, like planting bombs in government offices or killing Humanis-backed political candidates. Before anyone starts flaming me, I don’t support Humanis; I’m just pointing out that there are terrorists on both sides of the fence and, from where I sit, their methods look an awful lot alike.]<<<<<
- Holly