Pax is the leader of the Otaku Tribe, Ex Pacis, and is considered, like most of her tribe members, to be "wired wrong" by fellow Otaku. She originally was the leader of a fanatical Atlanta based Otaku tribe, with many terrorist activities attributed to them. This is also where she got her name, Pax Vobiscum (Peace be with you).

She then met and served Deus and led his army of whites in the Renraku Arcology during the time of its shut down. She cast off the Deep Resonance and in return revered Deus as the true form of the matrix in a god like sense. During this time she learned of ways to create and control people using Drugs, Psychotropics and BTL's by watching Deus's experiments on metahuman test subjects for the creation of The Network.

After Deus left her to fend for herself following the SCIRE incident's resolvement, she fled the arcology and wasn't heard of untill the emergence of Ex Pacis. She had started up her own tribe of Otaku, going for members of other tribes whom she saw potential in to feel the "Dissonance", which was the matrix power that her tribe worshipped. She has a severe UV addiction, due to the time that she spent inside Deus's Ultraviolet Host.

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