Położenie: Pine Street and Western Avenue, Downtown
LTG#: 206 (56-6084)
Właściciel: Aaron Jaynes
Uprzedzenia: Brak

The Pink Door tak naprawdę nie jest restauracją, ale raczej dużym, zwyczajnym barem, który za sąsiada ma piekarnię. Meat pies, gyoza and sausages are sold here as well as chocolate eclairs and cakes. Strzeżcie się wody.

Pink Door: This is actually what they call a “no frills” bar located at Pine Street and Western Avenue; it’s huge, and next to a bakery, sot he food’s mostly stuff like meat pies, gyoza, sausages, chocolate éclairs and cakes. The bar itself is half decent, having some of the local brews as well as imports like Asahi and Guinness stout. I don’t know of anyone that drinks water at a bar, but I understand that the water’s iffy, so be careful; bring your purifiers. So how’d they get the name? I got it on good authority that Aaron Jaynes, the owner of the place, has a favorite cathouse and a favorite cat, you scan? Guess you can’t blame the poor slot, though, since she’s a physical adept.

Prices: thumbs up. Not bad on the whole, considering you can get a cup of real coffee if you want to swing the nuyen.
Speed of Service: thumbs up. The place is pretty average, actually, so ya never mind the times that the joint’s jumpin’.
Quality: thumbs up. Except for that water, of course.

> Guess she never got the Meatpie Surprise.
> Burgermeister (16: 48:12/ 3-12-60)

> I got a feeling I’m gonna regret askin’, but what’s the surprise?
> Dumpster Diver (09:46:55/3-13-60)

> (Insert body part here) of devil rat. You can tell because it crunches like it’s not supposed to. I guess to be fair, though,
the gyoza and the baklava are really good, and the coffee’s worth spending the nuyen on.
> Burgermeister (10:51:39/3-13-60)

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