Description:In this episode, Mike and Isaac get to interview the legendary Steve Kenson. (… what was he legendary for again …) Ah yes, the legendary ENnie Award Winning ROLE PLAYING GAME DESIGNER, Steve Kenson, whose exploits range from 2nd and 3rd edition Shadowrun, to Aberrant, Champions, and various Green Ronin projects including the behemoth known as Mutants & Masterminds.

This week, Rob Boyle joins us to tell us about FanPro’s games to include the Shadowrun line he is responsible for. Rob started as an editor for FASA in 1997 and has kept Shadowrun alive after the close of FASA.
Shadowrun is a fantasy-cyberpunk roleplaying game and one of our old favorites. Rob has brought it into a new fourth edition, upgraded to meet the times and streamlined for easier play. Rob also invites us to visit his delicious links relevant to the game.


"Description: We bring you a GamerCast Network exclusive interview with Mitch Gitelman, Studio Manager of FASA Studios. We talk about the upcoming game Shadowrun for the Xbox 360 and PC. Unfortunately, we had some recording issues, so the interview is joined in progress and runs about 10 minutes long."

"Description: (...) Todd gets to toss aside his non-disclosure agreement and talk about the Shadowrun beta"

Genesis Edytuj

Description: (...) Minzara discusses "Bleach" and "Final Fantasy" for the NES while Mr. Mecha discusses "Shadowrun" for the Genesis and the latest "Naruto" episode.

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