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The most recent development in Seattle politics has been the emergence of small special interest groups called policlubs. Appealing mostly to younger voters, each club gives voice to a particular slant on various issues. Among the most popular policlubs are the Awakened Workers Party, the Ork Rights Coalition, the Green Party (an environmentalist party), the Seattle Separatists, the Salish Unionists and the International Workers of the World (aka the Wobblies). Though the Democratic and Republican Parties still dominate Seattle Politics, the growing strength of these new policlubs ensures that minority viewpoints will continue to be heard.

Some policluibs are strictly banned from representation in city government because of their blatant violence and affiliation with terrorist organizations. Of these, the largest and most vicious is the infamous Hands of Five arm of the Alamos 20,000 Humanis Policlub. Other banner policlubs include the Ancients, a militant Elf-rights group and go-gang; the Order, a White Human supremacist organization; and the Moon Traps, a back-to-nature, survivalist policlub.

Though policlubs span the entire spectrum of political thought, they do tend to have similar internal structures and recruiting practices. The designated leader of a policlub is often a male in his mid-thirties who is wll-educated, articulate and forthright in expressing his beliefs. Next in line in the policlub hierarchy are the senior members of the policlub, the elders. The elders staff an informal Steering Committee in charge of planning events and handling bureaucratic tasks. Under the Steering Committee is a Youth Leadership Committee, made up of teenagers and young adults. It is the responsibility of the Youth Committee to indoctrinate the voters of tomorrow.

Recruiting is the lifeblood of any policlub and is usually accomplished in one of three ways. The first is through pamphlets and literature distributed on street corners. The second methos involves a policlub's sponsorship of social functions, such as a dance, a simsense festival or a sporting event. Political ideas are subtly mixed in with the festivities.

The third methos involves sending attractive, young policlub members out to lure members of the opposite sex. They frequent bars and nightclubs and approach lonely individuals who are quite ignorant of what they may be getting into. All policlubs deny using this method.