20-544: Preying Mantis Spirits Edytuj

Price: $5.75
Figures: 2
Parts: 8
Overview: After the disappointment of the Wasp Queen/Human Host, this set is much better. It contains one medium-sized and one LARGE (4 cm high!) mantis spirit, both true forms with outstretched arms ready to attack. Detail is very good on both, and they really look like the insects they represent; careful painting is in order here. You will need to assemble the figures, mainly adding their heads and some arms and legs which cannot be cast as one with the bodies; I'd recommend either soldering them (if you've mastered that technique) or using two-part epoxy glue, because the bonds will need to be stronger than superglue can give with parts like these, if the figures have to stand up to regular handling. This is easily my favorite set of Shadowrun figures.

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