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The President of the UCAS is the head of state of the United Canadian and American States. He is also the chief executive of the federal government and the commander in chief of the armed forces.

The office is based on the President of the United States's. The Presidentiial Election remains held on the tuesday following the first monday of november, every four years, for the president to be sworn into office on Inauguration Day on 20 january. However, the UCAS Constitution replaced the US Electoral College by a direct election by popular votes. Some historians refer to UCAS President's Order numbered for both UCAS and US. For instance, President Kyle Haeffner would be the 8/53rd President, eigth President of the UCAS and fifty-third President of the US.

Like the US President, The President official residence and workplace is the White House in Washington FDC. Camp David in Maryland is the official week end and vacation residence (although it is sometimes used for less formal meetings with foreign personalities, and many presidence prefer their private houses for real vacation).

List of Presidents of the United Canadian and American States[]

# Name Took Office Left Office Party Notes Vice President VP Party
1 Andrew MacAlister 2030 2037 ? provisional president, elected in 2032 Harold Frazier ?
2 Martin Vincenzo 2037 2041 Technocrat Vernon Washington Republican
3 Carl Preston 2041 2049 ? ? ?
4 Alan Adams 2049 2053 Democrat died of natural causes after reelection Thomas Steele Technocrat
5 Thomas Steele 2053 2057 Technocrat reelection in 2056 cancelled James Booth Technocrat
6 Betty-Jo Pritchard 2057 2057 Democrat Speaker of the House made provisional president after the cancellation of the 2056 Election ? ?
7 Dunkelzahn 2057 2057 independent assassinated Kyle Haeffner independent
8 Kyle Haeffner 2057 2064 independent assassinated Nadja Daviar independent
9 Gene Simone 2064 2068 ? President Pro tem ? ?
10 Angela Colloton 2068 ? ? ?