• 2038 - w programie "Medicine Bag" na kanale Channel 7 ujawniono "Project 42-20" korporacji Adams-Hoffman Corporationktóra próbowała manipulować genami populacji metaludzi w południowym Londynie w Wielkiej Brytani - w efekcie zginęło 720 osób, a nieoficjalne dane twierdziły, że niemal tysiąc. Wiadomość wywołała zamieszki oraz przyczyniła się do powstania grupy terrorystycznej Lambeth Martyrs (Męczennicy Lambeth).
  • 2040 - Nowe dowody wskazują na zgodę rządu brytyjskiego na eksperyment Adams-Hoffman.
  • 2048 The British government announces that, although the conflict with the Lambeth Martyrs has not been resolved, they will begin redevelopment grants to bring employment back into the district.

In Great Britain, on Channel 7's show "Medicine Bag", ork reporters expose the Adams-Hoffmann "Project 42-20". The show reveals that for 15 years the Adams-Hoffman corporation have been performing a wide-ranging experiment in forced gene-pool manipulation on the inhabitants of south London housing estates in order to discover how to control goblinization. The corporation has been systematically crippling, mutilating, and generally decimating south London's population by exposing them to a huge number of experimental mutagens. One particularly shocking incident involves Generation Epsilon/Alpha 16 mutagen put in free milk distributed to school children. Investigation reveals the project responsible for 720 deaths, with a further 9,500 unprovable. In response to the Adams-Hoffman revelation, the inhabitants of Brixton, Camberwell, and New Cross in south London initiate a major riot that ends up on Tower Bridge. The police block the way leading to the Adams-Hoffman corporate headquarters in the city. During this riot, the first 19 of a group calling itself the Lambeth Martyrs are killed. The Tower Bridge and the nearby Thames Wharf shopping mall are seriously damaged. Several more riots break out in London after the Tower Bridge riot. These are controlled however by the army and the police. The Lambeth Martyrs, who have moved underground, initiate terrorist strikes with automatic weapons and rockets. The first units strike at Waterloo and Victoria Stations and in the Bond Street Station Mall. Almost one hundred innocent people are killed. The Lambeth Martyrs initiate more attacks on government sites. Their most infamous one is at Dulwich Village, where 74 people are killed, including a retired ex-prime minister. In order to control the violence in south London initiated by the Lambeth Martyrs, the government declares a medical emergency and creates the Lambeth Containment Zone.

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