Top Tier Edytuj

  • Saeder-Krupp - The largest megacorporation in the world is also one of the largest diversified industrial chemical corporations on the planet.
  • Zeta-ImpChem - Zeta-ImpChem was once the largest chemical corporation in Europe. The only competition was from AG Chemie Europe. However, with several missteps in trying to diversify their assets, S-K capitalized on its failures and now is neck and neck.

Second Tier Edytuj

  • AG Chemie Europa - A conglomerate of large European chemical corporations, which boasts strengths in pharmaceuticals and plastics. It practically owns Greater Frankfurt. However, both Top Tier corporations own shares in AG Chemie Europa, weakening its presence.
  • Mitsuhama - Focuses on applications of industrial chemicals in robotics and heavy industry. They are experts in smart materials for drone and vehicle construction.
  • Shiawase - Known for its rare-metal mining on land and sea, and supplier of raw materials for industry. Also diversified like S-K, it has developed several useful chemicals in the field of agriculture and narcotics.
  • Yakashima - Specializes in mining, pharmaceticals, and military chemicals and materials.

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