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At a glance[]

Where Redmond is a nightmare of urban decay and gang violence, Puyallup is a post-disaster landscape reshaped by the violent forces of nature and abandoned by most of civilization. Metahuman communities and squatter settlements struggle to survive without many essentials such as power, clean water and proper waste disposal. Fine ash from Mount Rainier falls over parts of Puyallup like dirty, gray snow.

  • LTG Code: 4206
  • Size: 1,008 square kilometers
  • Population: 506,000
    • Human 48%
    • Elf 21%
    • Dwarf 4%
    • Ork 22%
    • Troll 4%
    • Other 1%
  • Security Rating: E
  • Hospitals and Clinics: 6
  • Major Corp Facilities: None
  • Major Gangs: The Black Rains, Forever Tacoma, the Princes, the Reality Hackers

Lone Star Security Ratings[]

  • C: Puyallup City, Tarislar (Tarislar pays Knight Errant for additional security, giving the area an effective A rating)
  • E: Carbanado, Loveland, Graham Cracker City
  • Z: Hell’s Kitchen, Orting, Ponderosa Estates, Silver Spring, South Prairie, The Neon Killing, Thrift



  • Loveland Bump & Sleep - Family-style hotel, Mafia-owned brothel
  • Puyallup Lodge - Family-style hotel


  • Bishop’s Corpse, The - Medium restaurant and bar
  • Howling Good Time - Medium restaurant and country-and-western bar, strong bias against metahumans
  • Retirement, The - Medium restaurant and bar. The owner, Calvin Holdass, is a former metroplex employee who loves to dig up dirt on city officials.
  • Twenten’s - Small restaurant, soy cuisine, run by an elderly shaman named Jenny Twenten

Bars & Nightclubs[]


Government Buildings[]


Medical Facilities[]