Shadowrun Wiki

Typ: uliczny
Teren: Hollywood, Redmond
Kolory: Szary i czerwony
Rasa: Krasnoludy

The Red Hot Nukes are a dwarf go-gang operating out of Hollywood along Route 202. They consider themselves more of a neighborhood association than a gang. Their leader, Grinder, is an African-American dwarf who organized the gang after he retired from a short shadowrunning career. The gang’s colors are gray and red, along with an ever-present baseball cap. Their symbol is a mushroom cloud, which commemorates both their name and their skill with explosives. If it goes boom, the Nukes know how to build it, use it and disarm it. In fact, the gang’s initiation ritual involves disarming a bomb built by Grinder. No one gets a second chance.

>>>>>[The Nukes specialize in rackets involving demolitions: protection, insurance scams, terrorism, even wetwork if the price is right. They love any opportunity to blow something up.]<<<<<

>>>>>[I used to run with Grinder when he worked the shadows. Back then, he was so rock-steady he could disarm a corporate security system in nothing flat. I went drinking with him once after he founded the gang, and he said something about starting the Nukes because of something he found out on a run. He wouldn’t say anything more about it, just shivered and shook his head like someone coming out of a bad dream. Whatever he found out, it scared him bad. I didn’t think anything could scare Grinder.]<<<<<

Red Hot Nukes - A dwarven gang that takes care of its people. It's people are all that live on their turf. The gangs colors are grey and red. They all wear baseball caps and are lead by Grinder. They claim Redmond and are based out of the Holloywood neiborhood. The main enemies of the gang ared the Spiders and the Rusted Stilettos.