• Przywódca: Rachel Ng
  • Terytorium: Renton
  • Symbol: czerwono-żółty symbol yin-yang.

The Red and Yellow Ring operates data-brokering and protection rackets in the Renton district. They focus their efforts on computer crime, including the placement of virus programs as part of their protection racket. The Ring’s leader, Rachel Ng, is a capable decker. The core membership is probably no more than a dozen, all deckers and people with similar interests. The Ring is also known for selling illegally obtained data, both computer files and audio-visual information gathered by remote drones under the control of Ring members.

>>>>>[In the midst of the nearly unavoidable gang violence in Renton, the Red and Yellow Ring has managed to stay on good terms with most of the major gangs in the district. They trade information and other favors with the gangs in exchange for having some muscle to call on when they need it. They’re particularly tight with those twisted frags, the Night Hunters.]<<<<<

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