Położenie: 1st-5th floors of the Renraku Arcology
Uprzedzenia: Brak

These floors house a shopping mall as well as a variety of amusements, sights and spectacles on the first floor. These include a tropical forest complete with twisting vines, a swimming pool, a coral reef aquarium, piped-in sunlight and a waterfall cascading down from the ceiling of the third floor over glittering quartz boulders from Madagascar. There is also a permanent circus, a zoo, a stage and an amusement park. Entrance to the first floor of the mall is either by elevator from the garage or through one of the 16 entrances along Renraku Avenue and Fourth Avenue South.

Most of the mall's 620 stores and restaurants are subsidiaries of the Renraku coropration and offer a universe of products for shoppers. Outside merchants can rent space in the malls, but only after approvals by the Board of Directors and an extremely thorough security check into the company and the people who would be working in the mall. There are currently 265 non-Renraku stores in the mall, including Lordstrungs, The Beaux and Ivar's Seattle Dining.

In the eastern corner of the third floor is the monorail station which is as impressive as it is security conscious.

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