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Leże Llandevery, Walia
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Rhonabwy is a Great Western Dragon. He is described as having scarlet coloration with green eyes. He does not have a known metahuman form. His main lair is in Llandovery, Wales.

Rhonabwy is a music lover, with a particular affection for Welsh choral music. Although his corporate assets aren't well-known, he is known to have some corporate interests. Of note, he owns 8 percent of Shiawase (sf.105), as well as 5 percent of Ares Macrotechnology and stakes in Hildebrandt-Kleinfort-Bernal, several Swiss banks, and a few mid-grade European corporations.


Rhonabwy first awoke from his slumber on February 22, 2012 in Caerfyrddia, Wales. He subsequently went on a rampage, killing 150 people. He later apologizes, stating "post-hibernation trauma" and finances the rebuilding of the town as well as granting reparation money to the families of the victims. 5 days later, Rhonabwy relocates to Llandevery, Wales, forcing out the residents, and he has laired there ever since.

In 2057, Dunkelzahn granted Rhonabwy with the Silver Songbird in his will.

Relationship with Other Dragons[]

Rhonabwy generally doesn't cross paths with Lofwyr despite their proximity. He is on friendly terms with Celedyr and Hestaby. He has past history with the Sea Dragon which suggests that they are enemies.