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“The year is 2050 and the megacorps rule by the power of information. Everyone is on file in the global mainframe… everyone but you and a handful of “invisible” outlaws called shadowrunners.”

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Shadowrun follows the story of Joshua and his quest to find the truth behind his brothers death(and non-surprisingly seek vengeance), Shadowrun is based on the pen and paper RPG of the same name and is the second Shadowrun game released.

Shadowrun similar to Rings of Power is a very open ended RPG. At the start of the game you are restricted to a small area but within a short amount of time the entire world opens up.

The gameplay is split up between two worlds, the real world where you get jobs, fight enemies etc and the matrix world where you do most of your missions, eg.. hacking the megacorps, getting confidential documents or just hacking building’s security. The real world portion is played like a 2D top down shooter, while the matrix is a 3d world.

Shadowrun has an amazing amount of depth to it, there’s lots to do in the world, lots of missions, a strong plot and an interesting world. Although some of the missions can get repetitive at times it is still a very decent game.

A game sharing the same title was released for the SNES, although both based on the Shadowrun books & P&P game they have vastly different storylines and gameplay, they are both very good RPGs although in my opinion the Sega version is slightly better due to being more open ended and having a slightly more refined combat system.


A text based adventure sequel was released in Japan, a Japanese only sequel was released for the Mega CD again titled Shadowrun, a PC version of Shadowrun was to be released in 1998 but was scrapped, a multiplayer shooter(sharing the same name) loosely based around the Shadowrunner world was released for the Xbox360 & PC in 2007 to mediocre reviews.

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