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7102 SR1 GM Screen

Zawiera 32-stronicową przygodę

Silver Angel

7102: Silver Angel

Released: 1989
Author: Tom Dowd
ISBN: not applicable
Price: not applicable
Pages: 32
Edition: First
Plot: Mr. Johnson hires the runners to break into a research center and steal data on a project the center is working on. Another corporation is also after this same data, and the PCs will have some run-ins with them and/or their handiwork during the adventure. That's about it.
Thoughts: Most of the adventure is built around legwork, with the players trying to find out all they can about the target building before they go in. However, it is perfectly possible for them to skip this whole business and go in straight away. The way the book is set up makes it a bit diffcult to figure out where to go next in certain situations, but an experienced gamemaster should not have too much trouble with it. For inexperienced gamemasters, though, the adventure is probably less suitable. The adventure as a whole is rather simple—probably too simple for many people's tastes.
Notes: This is the adventure booklet that came with the first-edition Shadowrun Gamemaster Screen.
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Survey Rating: 5.9 (15 votes)