Official Errata can be found here.

The errata listed below is for version 1.1; the current version is at least 1.8.

  • p11, TOC, the heading "Initiative and End" should be "Initiative and Edge"
  • p12, Power Foci listed as page 191, should be 192. Weapon Foci start on 191 and finish on 192.
  • p100 lists the Sprawl Ganger as having a Reaction of 3(4), but he doesn't get any bonuses to Reaction. It should be only a 3, with Agility being 4 (5) due to Muscle Replacement.
  • p101, the Street Sam should have an Agility of 5(7) because of his Muscle Replacement.
  • p139 Tab-stop error. The bow range table should be bumped over one column.
  • p175, first sentence under Requirements: All members taking part in the ritual must be of the same tradition and must know the spell.
  • p180 shows conjuring materials for binding at 500 nuyen per Force. The gear section on p340 shows conjuring materials for binding at 1,500 nuyen per Force.
  • p189, under Initiation, it lists that only those with the Magician or Adept qualities can initiate. I hope that it was an oversight that Mystic Adept was left off of this list.
  • p195 1st column, in the Range section says that the radius of area spells is equal to the Caster's Magic rating, but the reference on p173 says that the radius of area spells is equal to the Force. Later on, in p203, the Light spell says its radius is based on Magic, but the next page, p204, the Shadow spell says its radius is based on Force. Which one is it?
  • p226, it says the related skill for the Attack program is Hacking. While this is true (for crashing Systems) it should also be linked to Cybercombat. Same with Black Hammer and Blackout.
  • p232, The Matrix Combat Summary is incorrect. It says that Hacking + Attack Program is used for Personas who want to attack. It should be Cybercombat + Attack Program. Also, on Defense, it says Response + Firewall is to "dodge" the attack, when p230 says Response + Stealth. I'm not sure which one is totally correct. We're going to play it as Response + Stealth for now (going with the Program + Attribute line of thinking)
  • p234-236 Anywhere it says "Software" when it describes Sprites should have the appropriate skills involved instead of the Software + Resonance references. For example, to summon a sprite, you need Compiling + Resonance. To "banish" a sprite, you use Decompiling + Resonance. To "bind" a sprite for services (similar to Binding under the Conjuring Skill Group), you use Registering + Resonance. In effect, the Tasking skill group is the Conjuring skill group for Technomancers. Most of this information can be found in p119.
  • p264, under Improving Attributes, first paragraph, the example says to multiply new skill of 5 by 5 instead of by 3 as stated in previous sentence. Also has an extra ")" or a missing "(".
  • p291, Wolf only has an essence 3
  • p300, 1st column, 2nd paragraph: States that the maximum availability at character creation is 8. It should be 12.
  • p316-317, Shock Frills is listed under Exotic Melee Weapons and Described on the next page as needing to be used with Nonconductivity but does not have a cost listed as either an add-on or otherwise.
  • p324-325 Audio Enhancement and Select Sound Filters are described as having ratings, but there is a single price and availability listed for each piece of equipment.
  • p327, Autopicker lists ratings 1-6 but a single price.
  • p332 The ocular drone has a capacity cost of 68. It should be 6. Availabilities for eye enhancements are borked, they should be on the 2-8 range.
  • p334 Wired Reflexes 2 should have an availability of 12R.
  • p334 The Unarmed Combat Attack table for Bone Lacing should probably be a linear progression of +1, +2, +3.
  • p336 Tab-stop error on the header for Cyberlimbs
  • p338 The Unarmed Combat Attack table for Bone Density shows the damage progression going something like +0, +2, +1, +3 (all cases are Physical damage, with Strength/2 round up as the base). I think this is probably a mistake, as it should probably be a linear progression of +0, +1, +2, +3.
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