Search for the Lost City Edytuj

Źródło: Games Master International issue 13, August 1991
Autor: Steve Longley
Stron: 40
Edycja: First
Fabuła: This is an adventure that blends Shadowrun and Call of Cthulhu, though it's set in the Shadowrun universe. It's about a cult who worship Cthulhu and want to wake him from where he sleeps under the sea. To achieve this, they send some of their creatures to threaten an executive of an undersea mining corporation, so they can use one of their mining rigs to investigate the site where they believe Cthulhu's resting place is. The Atlantean Foundation have discovered the corp's activities, and believe they might have found Atlantis; the PCs are hired by the Atlantean Foundation to find out what the mining corp knows.
Przemyślenia: Since this is only the first part of the adventure, and I don't own the second part (GMI ceased publication some time after issue 13 came out, so I don't know if part two was ever published), I can't really tell much about this adventure. The part I own only has the short plot and success tables for talking to contacts; what actually happens in the rest of the adventure, I don't know.
Uwagi: If anyone has part two of this adventure (presumably it's in GMI issue 14), please contact me at

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