a.k.a. Noah Stealth

Born around 1786 to the Suquamish and Duwamish Native American tribes on Blake Island in Washington state. Died 7 June 1866 on the Suquamish Reservation at Port Madison (now Bainbridge Island, Washington).

Known for cooperation with the American settlers and for conversion to Roman_Catholicism.

His grave marker reads "Seattle, Chief of the Suquamps and Allied Tribes, Died June 7, 1866. Firm Friend of the Whites, and For Him the City of Seattle was Named by Its Founders," and, on the reverse, "Baptismal Name: Noah Sealth, Age probably 80 years." It is located at Saint Peter's Churchyard (Map) in what used to be called Suquamish, across Puget Sound from Seattle.

There is a statue of Chief Seattle located in the Charles Royer Building.

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