Dzielnice Seattle Edytuj



Seattle: A Brief Overview.

Auburn Edytuj

Primarily a blue-collar neighborhood located between Renton and Puyallup, Auburn is inheriting Humanis Policlub poison from the former and problems with environmentalists from the latter. Orks and Trolls make up about 20 percent of the population, so the growth of Humanis influence is making for tension between humans and metahumans. The environmentalists are out to curb the excesses of the districts 400+ factories, metal refineries, and petrochemical plants. Angry residents fear their jobs will disappear as a result and so there is even more tension.

There is also the presence of both the Yakuza and Mafia in the area, both strongly entrenched and constantly fighting. Even Lone Star is afraid of the syndicates in Auburn, and lets them have pretty much free reign. In other words, Auburn is a mess - and every shadowrunner knows that the easiest place to find shadow work is where there is conflict. Just be sure to choose sides carefully in Auburn - everyone there is on edge, and pissing off the wrong people can make for a rough life or a quick death.

There aren't any real standout night spots in Auburn. It's mostly a working man's area, so places tend to be rough-and-ready bars and the like. The Yakuza have kept a vice industry going, so there are places to go with a little more class (but not much more), but they are definitely the exception.

Places of Interest Edytuj

Auburn is a great place to find work. Finding a place to have a good time can be tough, but it can be done. Auburn has plenty of those little places where being a regular actually means something and where the patrons and staff will give you a chance to get out the back. Try Mitzies, a place run by a former geisha, or Hughey's, a place run by a Desert War veteran, and work out from there.

Gangs Edytuj

Auburn doesn't have any really large gangs, just lots and lots of small ones. They usually have no more than a couple of dozen members. Go-gangs usually operate along Route 18, and Route 164. Thrill gangs, on the other hand, are found mostly along the Puyallup border, in Sumner and along the Tacoma border.

Bellevue Edytuj

Located just across Lake Washington from Downtown, Bellevue is home to some of the smaller corporations in the metroplex, and is filled with upscale, white-collar neighborhoods. Lone Star takes its responsibilities in Bellevue seriously, and there are regular patrols on the streets and in the neighborhoods. A significant corporate presence and proactive urban-tenant associations means a lot of private security as well, including plenty of Knight Errant personnel. Lone Star and Knight Errant constantly try to outdo each other, which makes running in Bellevue tough. As always, I suggest you work smart. Make sure you pull your run in a way that doesn't panic the people. Places like this aren't find of the shadowy side of the street, and if you scare the population, you might as well kiss your hoop goodbye - security will be down on you like you wouldn't believe.

The place most friendly to our line of work in Bellevue is the Gates Casino. It's backed by the Seattle Mafia and used to launder money, so I suggest you don't cause any trouble; the Mob wouldn't like it. The casino is a good place to meet and talk biz in the area, and an even better place to spend your hard-earned nuyen on a little fun, both clean and not-so-clean. There are a large number of corporate facilities in Bellevue, each of which is an attractive target. Keep in mind, though, that just because those facilities look prettier than most doesn't mean they aren't deadly. They are still extraterritorial and all about keeping you out, whatever it takes. A good example is Mitsuhama's Cavilard Research Center. The wooded lot and carefully trimmed lawn looks great, but they hide an arsenal of lethal defense systems. Walk in there cocky and arrogant, and you'll be tossed out in a body bag - provided they don't keep your body for research.

Places of Interest Edytuj

The Gates Casino is the best spot for fun and biz in Bellevue. The blending of homes and businesses makes it easy to think these tech companies can't hurt you, and that will get you killed. Stay off the streets and in the dark of night if you don't want to encounter a go-gang.

Gangs Edytuj

The major gangs in Bellevue are all go-gangs, mostly human and composed of bored rich kids. The 405 Hellhounds claim Route 405 as their territory, and specialize in moving things from one end of Bellevue to the other. Their colors are red and orange, and their bikes usually have flame designs on them. The gang leader keeps two hellhounds as pets. The Nova Rich are the area's biggest thrill gang. If you can't make the right fashion statement, they hate you. They tend to wander south of I-90, looking for "low-life scum" to beat on.

The Lake Acid go-gang controls most of Route 520, and rumor has it they are backed by the Yakuza. The gang has an ongoing feud with the Phantom Lake Seoulpa Ring, and often interferes with their smuggling. Lake Acid colors are tie-dye blue and green. The Leather Devils is a go-gang that claims most of I-90, and they often clash with the 405 Hellhounds where 90 and 405 intersect. The Devils do a lot of work for the Mafia, and their leader claims to be a mage. According to some it's all just glowing cybereyes, and stage magic, though.

Downtown Seattle Edytuj

Downtown is the heart of Old Seattle, the city that existed before the metroplex was formed. This is where the movers and the shakers in the 'plex meet and do business. That makes Downtown a great place for shadowrun possibilities, but all those suits mean that corp and metroplex security is heavy and suspicious. Wear anything more than light personal armor and carry anything but a small concealed weapon, and Lone Star will be sure to hassle you. Cyberdecks and other potentially illegal items need to be hidden, too.

There are a number of different neighborhoods in the Downtown area, each with its own feel. I'm going to describe the run-heavy areas. Capitol Hill is full of historical sites and buildings, as well as artists and most of Downtown's Awakened population. The University District is dominated by the University of Washington and a number of corp-sponsored research programs. The International District is mainly Asian, and is home to Yakuza Oyabun Hanzo Shotozumi and most of his men. Mess around there, and the Yakuza will come after you long before Lone Star does. Seattle Center lies along the waterfront and never really sleeps, and Council Island is owned by the Salish-Shidhe Council and hosts their Seattle Embassy.

Runners in Seattle tend to hang out at one of four places. Club Penumbra is the number one shadow-club in the 'plex. Dante's Inferno is the most popular nightclub in the entire metroplex, with its theme being the nine circles of Hell. The Inferno draws Seattle's "beautiful people" as well as university kids and wage slaves. Eye of the Needle is a restaurant in the top of the Space Needle, and near the Space Needle is Matchstick's, a private jazz club that draws most of the cool and understated of the shadowrunner crowd.

Places of Interest Edytuj

Want a place to lay back and relax, chummer? Try any of the coffee shops in Capitol Hill. Want a place to unwind and have some fun? Dante's Inferno is where it is all going on. 'Runners with cybernetic weaponry must put up with a neural dampener and security is tight, but all in the name of keeping wild party goers safe. Want to have a good time and see who's who in the biz? Then Penumbra and Eye of the Needle are for you - if you can afford it.

(Aside from Flea: Hitomi and Scribble live in a condo in the Downtown area. Hitomi owned a dance club/underground fetish parlor here until it was burned down by Humanis Policlub members.)

Gangs Edytuj

The largest gang Downtown are the Halloweeners. These guys used to be a thriller gang - until they messed with Renraku and most of the gang were burned to death. Now the Halloweeners have made it their mission to make all corps pay, and they are totally psycho. Seriously. They control most of the docks south of the Renraku Arcology. Halloweener colors are orange and black, and their symbol is a jack o' lantern against a fiery background.

The entirely Native American First nations claims the docks north of the arcology, and serves the Yakuza Shotozumi-rengo as foot soldiers. Humans only need apply to the Troll Killers, a bunch of punks out to bust metahuman skulls near Wolf Bay. The Bloody Screamers, an ork gang near Green Lake with ties to the Ork Underground and a hatred for all humans, are their biggest rivals. Probably the outright nastiest gang in Downtown is the Disassemblers. These guys operate out of South Seattle and control a brisk organ trade, running illegal chop shops and moving body parts stolen from hospitals and "donors." They paint or tattoo their faces to look like white skulls, and wear white skull-badges as their emblem.

Everett Edytuj

Everett used to be a sleepy little district where nobody expected much to happen. That has definitely changed. A number of new corporations have chosen Everett as their home, and some larger ones have built facilities there. This has increased both corporate intrigue and political corruption in the region, and the Mafia and Yakuza are starting to fight over prime locations. In addition, Everett is a port, and borders Salish-Shidhe territory, making smuggling big business. All of this makes Everett a great source for shadow work, if you're willing to look.

There are several prime locations for runners to work in Everett. One is the Everett Naval Shipyards, home of the UCAS nuclear carrier battle group. The Shipyards is the only UCAS Navy base on the Pacific Coast, and there is plenty of espionage going on there that runners may get involved in (or involved in stopping, whatever floats your boat). The Federated-Boeing (FB) Everett Facility produces aircraft and spaceplanes, and the FB Matrix host has top-secret stuff like design specs for the planes being built, and highly trained FB employees are always in demand for extraction. Be careful, though - FB knows how valuable its people are, and protects them accordingly.

The Rubber Suit is the largest nightclub in Everett, and is run by the Yakuza, so go there if you need to talk to them. Casino Corner is a collection of gambling houses, nightclubs and other "entertainment" facilities, and has plenty to offer someone with nuyen. It is also the Everett Mafia stronghold.

Places of Interest Edytuj

Where ever you go in this town, you can be sure it's "organized". It's either owned by UCAS, Fed-Boeing, the Yaks, or the Mob. The Rubber Suit is the best place to have a bad time, and Casino Corner has a more classic atmosphere. Know what I'm saying, goombah?

(Aside from Flea: This is the starting point of the game. Kunimitsu's home is located here, and he operates several businesses in the area. Several square blocks of land belong to him, and the corps and gangs have learned the hard way not to horn in. The Kabuki Ronin in particular have been having a manpower shortage since they attempted a takeover.

Gangs Edytuj

Gangs in Everett tend to be concentrated in the downtown area, and most of them end up working for one of the organized crime syndicates. The major gang activity (aside from mindless violence, of course) in Everett is smuggling. The Red Rovers are the largest go-gang in the area, and control most of the I-9 along the Everett-Snohomish line. They are heavily into smuggling, and work for all the syndicates, biased only by who will pay them.

There are two major thrill gangs in Everett. The largest is the Kabuki Ronin, who claim the dockyards. The Ronin don't work for the Seattle Yakuza, instead taking orders from the Japanese Yakuza out of the California Free State. Ronin all shave their heads except for a single scalp lock, and tattoo their heads white. The Scatterbrains are the weirdest thrill gang in Seattle, wearing clown costumes and playing psychotic practical jokes. These guys are all mentally unbalanced, and I suggest avoiding them if you can. Their symbol is a grinning skull with red "Bozo" hair.

Fort Lewis Edytuj

Fort Lewis is exactly what it sounds like - a military base. Most of the district is evergreen forest, where the soldiers of the Metroplex Guard train. The main post is located on both flanks of the I-5, with other buildings and developments concentrated around it. Most buildings lie on the southern side of the I-5, with the majority of residential areas located on the western side of the main port. North of I-5 is the North Fort, which was given to the UCAS Army to be its headquarters and garrison.

Until recently, there wasn't a large military presence at Fort Lewis. Then came the Renraku arcology crisis, and the arrival of Joint Task Force Seattle - five thousand soldiers and air personnel with orders to "keep the peace" in Seattle. Brigadier General Angela Colloton, who heads the JTFS, outranks the command of the Metroplex Guard, meaning that she's in charge of all armed forces in the metroplex. Needless to say, [the Metroplex Guard] commander isn't happy.

General Colloton has shaken up some things in the Metroplex Guard, including a purge of soldiers with ties to racial hate groups or those who have committed hate crimes. The JTFS also upgraded the Metroplex Guard, which had a paltry four magicians (total!), by bringing in a detachment of forty magicians. The Metroplex Guard and the JTFS work side by side now, and relations are strained but not entirely antagonistic.

Crimes committed in Fort Lewis fall under the jurisdiction of military police, not Lone Star, if they catch you, expect to be tried in the UCAS federal court, not a metroplex district court. Big difference. The Mafia used to have a hold in Fort Lewis, but General Colloton put a stop to all that when she arrived. The Mafia is not pleased.

Places of Interest Edytuj

Poważnie pytasz?

Gangs Edytuj

There aren't any gangs worth discussing in Fort Lewis; it is a military base, after all, and the MPs don't take kindly to that kind of business.

Puyallup Edytuj

Once a nice place, Puyallup started going down hill in 2017 when Mount Rainier erupted and buried the northern part of the district in ash. A year later, refugees poured in fleeing the NAN takeover of western North America, and even more refugees arrived on the Night of Rage as metahumans sought refuge from the flames on the Tacoma waterfront. The metahumans formed their own enclaves, like elven Tarislar or ork-run Carbonado, but the majority of the district is lawless and abandoned. Lone Star patrols only near the city of Puyallup proper, along the junction of Auburn and Tacoma.

Today, Puyallup is a thousand square kilometers of abandoned buildings, squatter camps, metahuman ghettoes, and black lava fields. Industry is made up mainly of factories built by a few heavy-industrial corps attracted by cheap land and nearly nonexistent enforcement of environmental law. The Matrix in Puyallup is sporadic at best, with brownouts and grid crashes more common than not. It does, however, have the Crime Mall, which is an abandoned mall now used as a black-market bazaar, with different "stores" selling various illegal products and services. Puyallup also has Underworld 93 in the city proper. One of the hottest clubs in the metroplex, it hosts some of the biggest live acts in the UCAS, and is also a good place to meet for business.

Like Redmond, Puyallup is part of the Barrens, and there isn't much that requires a shadowrunner's touch. It is a popular place for meets, but offers little in the ways of runs. Puyallup can be a good place to hide out, though, especially if you know someone in one of the metahuman enclaves (and match the racial type of the place.)

Places of Interest Edytuj

There are few places better to see a first class show than Underworld 93 in Puyallup. I saw the Screaming Eagles there two weeks ago and had the best neo-Bauhaus metal a fan can ask for, chummer. The Crime Mall is a great place for biz and shadow purchases. The Bodyshop is the best illegal medical facility in the UCAS and except for an occasional mistake like that decker, "The Twitch" it's a good place to get some cyberware on the cheap.

Gangs Edytuj

Puyallup has almost as many gangs as Redmond. The Razor Heads, a gang that disdains guns in favor of bladed weapons, have been active in Puyallup lately, though where their headquarters is located is anyone's guess. They have been mostly hitting Yakuza- and Mafia-owned gun dealers. The Princes are an elven go-gang based in Tarislar, formed from what was left of the Silent P's after the Spikes hit them. They wear red leathers, usually over black clothes, and rarely leave Tarislar.

The all-ork Black Rains claim the Carbonado enclave as their turf, where they run protection rackets, deal chips, and are part of the Cascade Orks' smuggling network. Their colors are black and gold, and they are led by an Oni - a Japanese Ork metavariant.

The Reality Hackers are a techno-gang out of Puyallup proper. They go for a sleek techno look and feel, and recruit from runaway corp kids. The Hackers pay for their toys with theft, datasteals, chips and pirated software, along with normal ganger fare. They also throw parties, complete with special effects, at their converted warehouse headquarters. The Hackers used to work for the Yakuza but were screwed by them a few years ago: now they love to hurt the yaks. Their colors are chrome and gold.

Redmond Edytuj

Redmond and Puyallup together make up what is known as the Barrens - areas where law enforcement doesn't go and your rights extend only as far as your weapon reaches. Until the Crash of 2029, Redmond was a prosperous district, a major center for computer industry. After the Crash, industry and the local government both collapsed, and most of the residents turned to lawlessness and riots, while the rest fled to Bellevue. The empty homes and building drew refugees from other districts and within a few years Redmond was a ghost town inhabited by criminals, transients, refugees and those who were unwilling or unable to leave.

There are roughly half a million people in Redmond nowadays, and almost all of them are poor. The conditions in Redmond are not conducive to rising above your station, or even acting like a decent human being. The place is a seething mass of violence waiting to explode. Organized crime is big in Redmond, and the Mafia, Yakuza and Seoulpa Rings all recruit heavily from the gangs.

The terrain is mainly composed of abandoned buildings and cracked streets, occasionally broken up by "toxic castles" - manufacturing plants walled up and heavily protected. Glow City is a neighborhood built on a nuclear plant that suffered a partial meltdown, and radiation sickness and mutations are a fact of life there.

Redmond is an easy place for a shadowrunner to hide out, as long as you can protect yourself from inhabitants. It is also a common Johnson choice for a meet, especially on the Bellevue border where there is some law enforcement bleed-over. Plenty of shadowruns start in Redmond, but few actually take place in it. It's a good place to meet in, but I wouldn't want to live there.

Places of Interest Edytuj

In Redmond "hot-spot" has a uniquely neighborhood feel. Ask for a "hot-spot" in Redmond and they'll point you to any number of toxic sites. If you want a thrill that could take your life, then Redmond is for you.

(Aside from Flea: Deadeye lives in this area. He and the Rusted Stilletos have an understanding, neither giving the other any trouble.)

Gangs Edytuj

Redmond has more gangs than any other district in Seattle, hundreds, in fact. The gangs are the closest thing to a law or a government. The Rusted Stillettos claim territory near Glow City, and run protection rackets there. Many of the Trolls and Orks who make up the gang are literally mutants, with sickly looks and pale skin. Their colors are black and rust red. The Brain Eaters are a mixed-race gang operating in the Touristville area. They scavenge what remains of Redmond's technology, and are the sole group of shadow-deckers operating out of Redmond. They are also heavily into smuggling.

The Red Hot Nukes are a dwarf go-gang based around Route 202. They consider themselves more of a neighborhood association than a gang, and are explosives experts. Most of their rackets involve demolitions in some way; The Nukes love to blow things up. Their colors are gray and red, and all members wear baseball caps.

The Spiders are one of Redmond's largest and newest gangs, made up of victims of the Universal Brotherhood. They all follow the Spider totem, even the un-Awakened, and are led by a Spider shaman named Widow. The Spiders are obsessed with protecting Redmond from insect spirits and other magical threats, and press-gang people into the gang from time to time. They are headquartered just south of Beaver Lake and Glow City, and their colors are black or dark brown with a red web pattern overlaid.

Renton Edytuj

Renton seems like a nice quiet place, with small lakes and beautiful hills for hiking. There is some farming and light industry, but for the most part Renton is dedicated to housing, places for wage slaves to shop and spend their nuyen to enrich their meaningless lives, software design and production firms, and security facilities.

Unfortunately, Renton is also the main Seattle headquarters of the Humanis Policlub. People in this area are either humanocentric racists or prometahuman activists - there aren't many people who don't bend one way or the other. There's plenty of work to be had as the two groups butt heads, so if you are picky who you work for, be sure to check out any Johnson in Renton very carefully.

The Mafia and Yakuza are both quite active in this area, and the Seoulpa Rings also do business here, so work can be found among the syndicates as well.

I suggest staying away from the Murdered Mime and Italiano clubs. Located directly across the street from each other, the Mime is a Yakuza hangout and the Italiano a Mafia joint. Violence is the norm there, and it is very easy to get dragged into it. The Knight Errant Seattle Training Academy is another place to avoid. Security there is extremely tough, and all the students are combat trained and familiar with security protocol. If you need to take something from Knight Errant, strongly consider getting it from somewhere else.

Places of Interest Edytuj

The town is too hot. Stay away. Unless you are working here, stay away.

Gangs Edytuj

Renton has a lot of gangs, and they are all particularly tough and violent. Most are involved win the drug and chip trades. The Blood Mountain Boys are the largest go-gang in the area, and they claim nearly all of I-169. The BMB go for a "tribal" look; They wear tribal leathers and often war paint as well. Though they primarily run chips, the BMB prefer drugs and alcohol to technological vices, and their all-night traveling binges are legendary.

The Night Hunters are actually several splinter thrill gangs, all using the same name. All the groups are technofetishists and extremely anti-metahuman. Hunters go for lots of cybermodifications, and enjoy using vocal modifications to make weird "hunting calls" to scare their victims. They sell BTLs to raise nuyen, and spend the rest of their time handling out Humanis propaganda and terrorizing anyone caught on their turf at night, especially metahumans.

Snohomish Edytuj

Unlike every other district in Seattle, Snohomish is focused on farming. Small farm owners are currently fighting back against major agribusinesses, trying to compete. The agribusinesses, meanwhile, are using strong-arm tactics and threats to pressure the small farms to sell. Look for job opportunities at the small farms, protecting them from attack. The agribusinesses provide work opportunities, too, muscling in on the farmers or taking on environmentalists who are causing problems.

Snohomish is also a hotbed for bigotry. Antimetahuman and anti-Native American sentiments are strong, and Humanis Policlub is firmly entrenched. The mayor is married to an Elf and is an outspoken critic of Humanis, and has been working hard to improve race relations, but so far it seems like a losing battle.

There isn't much in Snohomish besides farms; if you are looking for a good time, I suggest you look elsewhere.

Places of Interest Edytuj

Bigots, hicks and racists, oh my! A good place for metahuman gangers to work out their aggressions. Snohomish offers little for anybody else.

Gangs Edytuj

For the most part, there aren't many real gangs in Snohomish. The few gangs in the district are either metahumans out to terrorize the local inhabitants or human toughs out to protect their homes from "subhuman scum." Both operate more like old-time vigilantes than actual gangs.

Tacoma Edytuj

Tacoma supports the bulk of Seattle's heavy industry, but has also welcomed the arrival of plenty of skyscrapers and corporate offices. Once a blue-collar shadow of Seattle, it has grown quite a bit since becoming part of the metroplex. It is also one of the key transportation centers in the 'plex. Sea-Tac International Airport is nearby and the extensive waterfront handles shipping from all over the Pacific Rim. Tacoma also boasts Seattle's sole passengers-train station, Charles Royer Station, which serves the bullet train to and from San Francisco.

The big news in Tacoma right now is the organized crime war going on. The Yakuza have dominated for decades now, but Don Maurice Bigio wants control for the Mafia, and he is pushing hard. This has led to a huge rise in violent crime, as the two underworld giants try to take each other out. Wars like this can provide a lot of work for shadowrunners, but be careful. Work too many jobs for one side, and the other may decide to "retire" you.

Tacoma isn't too big on night life, but there are a couple of places to go. Fenris Nacht is a bar where secrecy and privacy are the order of the day. It can be a good place to meet Johnsons or contacts, but don't go there to hunt down business - nobody will talk to you, and they might even get violent.

The bar is also popular with a number of urban shapeshifters. Don't start a fight at Fenris Nacht - there are worse people there than shadowrunners. A trendier place to go is the Palace of China, a hip club done in a medieval Chinese theme. It's popular with the district's young and wealthy, so try to behave if you want to avoid trouble.

Places of Interest Edytuj

The Palace of China is a great place for a date or a bit of biz. If the upcoming mob war gets much hotter this spot will get truly hot. Tacoma has become the trying ground for streets to make their mark.

Gangs Edytuj

Tacoma's lousy with gangs. The largest go-gang is the Spikes, who control most of I-5 south of Downtown. They are a gang of Troll bikers led by an enormous Troll named Lord Torgo. Torgo is mean but not stupid, and has very good tactical skills. He recently led the Spikes into a gang war and wiped out the Silent P's in Puyallup. Torgo also hates Elves. To even join the gang, you have to kill an Elf. These guys are nasty. The Spikes' symbol is an Elf's head with Xs for eyes and a spike jammed through it.

The Ragers operate along the Tacoma docks, and are the largest thrill gang in the area. They are mostly Orks with a few Trolls and Dwarfs, and they roam Commencement Bay preying on people - generally humans - in the name of metahuman freedom and self-defense. They can be hard to keep track of because they use the Ork Underground to travel. Rager colors are black and gray. The Mafia has tried to recruit these guys, but they don't like them or the Yakuza, so it doesn't seem likely.

The Ork Underground Edytuj

Seattle began in 1852 as a tiny settlement, a chaotic place with a brilliant harbor, sadly built on tidal plain, with poor drainage and heavy rainfall. Horses regularly sank to their chests in mud and one unfortunate schoolboy drowned crossing downtown Jackson Street.

After the Great Fire of 1889, in which 25 to 60 blocks - depending on who you ask - of predominantly wooden buildings were destroyed, city planners wanted to raise the streets to solve the city's ever-growing sewage problems which was caused by Seattle's close proximity to the sea, where high tides would back-flush the sewer systems. The downtown building owners, unwilling to wait for the city to get to work, rebuilt their buildings at the original level.

Years later, the newest gold rush towards the Yukon, brought enough money and excitement into the city to start executing the elevation plans. They raised the streets, leaving sidewalks and entrances as much as 36 feet below street level. For a time, pedestrians clambered up and down between street level and building entrance on ladders, but in 1907 the building entrances were raised, and the old sidewalks covered over. Old ground floors became basements, and the old sidewalks became tunnels, creating the area called the Seattle Underground.

Throughout the Pioneer Square area, you can see grids of little glass squares inset into the sidewalks. These were the skylights into the lower-level sidewalks, which became a physical avatar of the suppression of skid-row pestilence in Victorian urbanization; rats and opium dealers circulating around cheap hookers, gold diggers gone broke and fugitives in darksome vaults, riddled with diseases and empty bottles of booze. In 1907, there was an outbreak of Bubonic Plague, which was blamed on the inhabitants of the underground. The underground was officially closed by the city, leaving it unoccupied until its rediscovery in 1964 when it was reopened as a tourist attraction.

Night of Rage Edytuj

It was not until this century that the city's first Orks, Trolls and Dwarfs took control of the forgotten basements and paved-over streets, fleeing prosecution during the Night of Rage, and began building tunnels of their own. Once the legal problems (such as whether they could tunnel into the basements of existing buildings) and technical problems (what to do with the water that seeped into the tunnels) were solved, the Orks, Trolls and Dwarfs began to construct ornately carved tunnels and caves deep underground.

Construction almost came to a complete halt when a violent disagreement between Dwarfs and Orks resulted in the Dwarfs leaving during the early 20s. Today, the Ork Underground is a complete city, with a city hall, private police force, and malls.

There are many ways to enter the Underground, but the only safe ways for non-Orks are via the official tour entrances in the basement of the Seattle Utilities Building (Seneca Street and First Avenue, inside the Big Rhino Restaurant) and the basement of Lordstrung's Department Store on Fifth Avenue and Pine Street.

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