Picture from Paranormal Animals of North America

Canis umbrae Edytuj

The Shadowhound resembles a huge dog with the height of 1.2 meters at the shoulder. Its coat is gray, with black patches which appear to shift around through subtle muscular movements. This provides it with excellent camouflage at night.

Shadowhounds are nocturnal predators that hunt in packs of up to a dozen individuals. They feed on small mammals, rarely attacking animals larger than themselves. They are stealthy to the point of invisibility, making no apparent sound when they move and concealing themselves quite well in the darkness.

There are no reported attacks on metahumans. Unsubstantiated rumors have attributed both hostility towards metahumans and behavior that would indicate protection of metahumanity. They appear to possess an allergy to sunlight. Shadowhounds are found in woods and urban wastelands throughout the world.


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