FANDOM Kolekcjonerska gra figurkowa (WizKids: Action figure game, inna nazwa: colectible action figure game).

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Origins 2003

Sci-Fi Miniatures Rules

Shadowrun Duels

WizKids Games

Origins Award 2004

- Best Science Fiction Game Rules

- Shadowrun Duels


Shadowrun Duels was a collectable miniatures game produced by WizKids, and based on the Shadowrun RPG originally produced by FASA.

WizKids is most famous for their Clix line of games, and Shadowrun Duels was a large scale variant of those games. In most Clix games the miniatures are 28mm scale, and the base has one clickable wheel that changes the figures characteristics as they take damage in the game.

The figures used in Shadowrun Duels were six-inch scale (1 inch = 1 foot) action figures with a separate base that had three Clix dials. This let the figures take damage in one of three areas (Head, Weapon, or Body) as they fought in the game.

One criticism of the game was the cost of the figures, which while expensive as individual game pieces, were reasonably priced as action figures. Despite this a player only needed one or two figures to play the game.

When the game was announced there were going to be three releases of six figures each. The third series was never produced due to the low sales of the first two series. Although a series of cards that could give figures a bonus were given out as convention and tournament bonuses.


Num. Nazwa Wartość
w punktach
Release 1   (2003-06-11)
WZK6400 The Street Deacon 2 Male human vigilante
WZK6401 Kyushi 2 Female Yakuza assassin
WZK6402 Liada 3 Female elf mage
WZK6403 G-Dogg 3 Male ork bouncer
WZK6404 Lothan the Wise 4 Male troll mage
WZK6405 Silver Max 3 Male dwarf rigger
ToyFare promo   (2003-10-27)
WZK6406 Kellan Colt 2 Female human mage
Release 2   (2003-12-10)
WZK6407 Karkhov 2 Male street samurai
WZK6408 Midnight 2 Female elf cat-burglar
WZK6409 Natokah 4 Male human shaman
WZK6410 Kross 3 Male ork bodyguard
WZK6411 Wolf Nev 3 Male troll ganger
WZK6412 Draven von Drekill 2 Male dwarf
Shadowrun Gear Cards   (2003-07-21)
Ares Macrotechnology Weapons Tester 0 +2 to Weapon value
Doc Wagon Basic Service 0 Remove 2 clicks of damage
Misuhama Computer Technologies Matrix Certification 0 +2 to a black die just rolled
Novatech Survival Trainee 0 +2 to a yellow die just rolled
Renraku Red Samurai Training Facility 0 +2 to Defense value
Shiawase Biotech Division 0 +2 to Move value
Wuxing, Inc Magic Certification 0 +2 to a red die just rolled
Yamatetsu Cybernetics Laboratory 0 +2 to a white die just rolled
Official errata: the card reads “black die” but should read “red die”


Shadowrun Duels FAQ by Mike Mulvihill

Are there so many questions that an FAQ is really necessary?

Nope. But we here at WizKids prefer to be proactive. Plus, we wanted to give as many people the same information as possible. Plus, we like you. And you. And you. And you way back there. . . .

What exactly is Shadowrun Duels?

Shadowrun Duels is an action figure game set within the world of Shadowrun. The figures are different from Mage Knight figures; for example, they stand 6 to 9 inches tall! They are fully articulated and they come with their own bases.

What's Shadowrun?

Shadowrun is a fictional universe that was introduced as a roleplaying game (RPG) by FASA Corporation in 1989. The Shadowrun world is a unique futuristic setting where magic and technology exist side by side. This fantasy cyberpunk setting actually takes place in the year 2063 on the planet earth.

What's with the orks, trolls, elves, and dwarfs?

Well, the year 2011 was an important one. It is the year the Mayan calendar suggests that the third world will end and the fourth will begin. That was our benchmark. So in 2011, magic reactivates and the creatures of fantasy: elves, trolls, dwarfs, orks, dragons, ghouls, vampires, hellhounds, and so on, come alive. Imagine that all those childhood fairy tales were real, only based on a previous cycle of magic, without which they couldn't exist. While elves and dwarfs are born of humans, as magic became more powerful some humans began transforming into trolls and orks; this "goblinization" makes puberty seem pretty tame. So in our game you can play any race or any figure. Any race can be anything.

Will this be an exact duplicate of the RPG?

No, not exactly. The game will be set in the same world, use the trapping of the universe, but it will not be an RPG. It is a tabletop game, which means we had to make some decisions on how to play the game. For instance, RPGs have the following characteristics: game masters, no winners or losers, a fluid storyline, characters that grow and create their own myths, and games without real ends. In Duels, we needed to eliminate the game master capacity, effect win conditions, and create a setting -- not an overriding story. That means some of the RPG elements are morphed into other mechanics in order to make a fun game that gives you both a sense of the world and fits the new genre.

Are there any people who know Shadowrun working on this game?

Yes, this enabled us to maintain a close continuity with the RPG. Jordan Weisman, WizKids founder, created FASA and Shadowrun. So he has a very specific agenda, getting this universe to as many people as possible. To that end, he had Mike Mulvihill, the Shadowrun line designer at FASA and game designer for Mage Knight Dungeons and HeroClix, spearheaded game design and continuity. Jordan and Mike worked very hard to maintain the look, feel, and style of the universe in creating Duels.

Is this replacing the RPG?

No! The RPG is still active, vibrant, and going strong. The RPG is being produced by Fantasy Productions, who have been with FASA and WizKids for years. They continue to publish products for the line and take the universe in cool new directions. Check out their webpage here

What are the first figures?

The first six figures for the game represent a pretty typical set of Shadowrunners. The following figures are releasing in June:
   * The Street Deacon - a human vigilante
   * Kyushi - a female human yakuza assassin
   * Liada - a female elven street mage
   * G-Dogg - an ork bouncer
   * Lothan the Wise - a troll combat mage
   * Silver Max - a dwarf rigger 

There is also a Kellan Colt Limited Edition figure available through Toy Fare and Wizard magazines. Kellan is a female human Shadowrunner.

What's a Shadowrunner?

In the Shadowrun world, megacorporations rule the land like governmental superpowers. The balance of power is necessary to avoid all-out war, so when the megacorps need an illegal job done, they hire Shadowrunners. Shadowrunners keep low profiles; most don't have System Identification Numbers and therefore don't exist in the legal systems. These ultimate secret operatives are hired guns working for the highest bidder, using their training and knowledge to succeed. They are hired in secret, operate in secret, and the corporations have total deniability.

If there are only six figures, isn't every game going to be the same?

Not at all. Each of the first six figures comes with five pieces of gear, which you can swap between characters. In this game, gear is just as important as the figure you choose, as it provides extra dice for game mechanics such as combat and movement. Each figure can be equipped with up to 12 points of gear, which can really alter the playing field and give you many different play options.

Besides gear, what comes with each figure?

An extra set of "hands" (one set has pegs in them for holding gear; the other is "museum hands" for display), a set of dice that corresponds to the gear and the figure, a customized tape measure for that specific character, and a game base, which opens so that you have a place to store all the gear and dice.

Are the bases used in the game?

Yes, they are. The top of the base has the figure's name and point cost. A figure's base also indicates the starting dice (before adding dice received from gear) the figure automatically receives. The figure's three combat dials are on the base. Finally, if the figure gains any bonuses to damage due to its skills or implanted gear, that is noted on the base.

Three dials? How do you use them?

Each dial represents one aspect of the figure. The values shown on each dial show are base numbers, and in most cases are added to your dice rolls. The three dials are Head (movement and initiative), Body (defense), and Weapon (attack). Some of the dials may also show a special symbol, like a shield that helps in defense. Each dial clicks separately and tracks its own values. When three bullet holes appear in any combination over all the dials, the figure is eliminated from play.

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