Around townEdytuj

  • D-pad: Moves the character you're controlling.
  • A: Attacks with equipped weapon or spell.
  • B: Targets an enemy for an attack. If there are multiple enemies, continually hitting B will cycle through the enemies.
  • C: Changes the character that you're controlling, and re-targets the current enemy. Obviously, not used when alone.
  • Start: Goes to the pause menu.


The controls are the same as above. One thing perhaps worth noting is that holding down A will autofire, even for melee combat. In fact, a lot of battles aren't really much more than standing still, holding down A, and seeing whose life runs out first.

Pause screenEdytuj

  • D-pad: Moves the cursor around.
  • A: Selects a choice.
  • B: Same as A, except, uh, it doesn't work for some buttons or choices. Just stick with using A for this screen.
  • C: On the main screen, it changes the selected runner. On other screens, it behaves like the B button. Like I said, just stick with A.
  • Start: Cancels a choice and/or backs out of subscreens.

The MatrixEdytuj

  • D-pad: Moves the cursors around.
  • A: In the main screen, runs a program. If using the Attack program, launches a heavy attack. In the cyberdeck and other screens, confirms a choice.
  • B: Acts just like A, except if used to run Attack, it launches a medium attack.
  • C: Same as above, but launches a light attack if used to run Attack.
  • Start: Cancels a choice and backs out of menus. When you initially jack in and are taken to the cyberdeck screen, hit Start to enter the system.
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