45-55¥ (from Gunderson)
200¥ (from Mortimer Reed and Julius Strouther)
In a bodyguard run, you must travel to a store, bar or other building to pick up your client, then travel with him to another such location.

These are very easy. You can fail by either letting your client die or kicking the bucket yourself. Neither of these will probably happen, though. Your client is more fragile than you, but if you get attacked, the enemies will be gunning for you, not him. Just stay alive, keep your guy out of the crossfire, and know where you're going.

If you're getting these runs from Gunderson, all your runs will be to and from places within Redmond Barrens. Once you learn which buildings are where, this is a pretty easy, if monotonous, way of making some money. Even though the Gunderson runs are basically just for tutorial purposes and to get the 250¥ needed to start the game, they can be one of the fastest ways to build up Karma. Even though you only get 1 Karma per run, the runs can be done so quickly that if you can withstand the repetitiveness of the runs, you can get quite a bit of Karma in a relatively short amount of time. Try it for yourself: time yourself on a 6-point run and then time yourself on 6 Gunderson runs. I admit that 6- point runs have the POTENTIAL to be much quicker than 6 one-pointers, but on average, the times will be very close.

Another point of advice applies to those getting runs from Reed or Strouther. This may seem obvious, but don't take bodyguard runs from these guys if you don't have the Ork armband. Most of their runs require taxi travel, and round-trip fare will severely cut into your profit. You may even end up losing money. The only way for bodyguard jobs from these guys to be worth it is if you get cab rides for free.

Finally, note that bodyguard jobs are one of two types where you are paid by the client, not by the Johnson. Szablon:Footer Nav

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