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Shadowrun Kompan: Poza Cieniami Edytuj

Praca zbiorowa
Oprawa miękka
215 x 279 mm
ISBN 83-87376-95-7
Rok wydania: 1999

Poza cieniami to unikalne rozszerzenie zasad dla graczy i mistrza gry. Od stworzenia postaci do jej odejścia na emeryturę, od epickich kampanii do pojedynczych przygód, od prostych reguł umiejętności do przystosowywania magii, by najlepiej pasowała do twojej gry, Shadowrun Kompan ma to wszystko. Ta książka rozszerza i objaśnia zasady tworzenia postaci, używania i podstawiania umiejętności, kontaktów, Karmy, magii i wszczepów, a także zawiera zasady do gry wariantami metaludzi i zmiennokształtnych. Przewodnik do tworzenia przygód i kampanii przedstawia techniki pomagające mistrzowi gry w uzyskaniu jak najwięcej ze świata Shadowrun. Shadowrun Kompan: Poza cieniami jest zgodna ze wszystkimi podręcznikami do Shadowruna.

7905: Shadowrun Companion: Beyond The Shadows (1996) Edytuj

Authors: Zach Bush, Jennifer Brandes, Chris Hepler, Chris Hussey, Jonathon Jacobson, Steve Kenson, Linda Naughton, Brian Schoner & Michael Mulvihill
ISBN 1-55560-298-3
Price: $15.00
Pages: 136
Status/Availability: out of print/uncommon
Sections: Introduction, In Their Own Words, Character Creation, Skills And Training, How To Hire A Shadowrunner, Contacts And Enemies, Advanced Rules, Running The Game, Alternate Campaign Concepts, Shadowrun Character Sheets, Index
Overview: The advanced rules supplement for the Shadowrun game as a whole, most of this book expands existing rules, adds optional new ones, and clarifies others. It is in no way required to play the game, but it's quite a good add-on to increase the scope of the game itself as well as of the game world. Among the topics covered are a whole new character generation system (points-based, rather than a priority system), edges and flaws to make a character more unique, new metahuman races, a new skill web, rules for learning and improving skills (making this more involved than just spending Good Karma), and more. There is also a chapter that builds on the Behind The Scenes chapter from Shadowrun, Second Edition, giving more advice to gamemasters, and a chapter with alternate settings for campaigns, such as making all player characters employees of DocWagon™. Al in all it's a good investment for players who know the intricacies of the basic Shadowrun rules, although I wouldn't recommend it to groups who are relatively new to the game.
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Survey Rating: 6.8 (36 votes)


The Shadowrun Companion (sourcebook)
This is indeed the best Shadowrun supplement to come along in quite some time. I can't fathom why they didn't put this one out shortly after releasing the Shadowrun 2nd Edition player's book, but I guess someone must have had a good reason.
Nearly all the rules that GMs have been wishing for over the years are here: alternate character creation systems; rules for playing non-standard characters like DocWagon techs and Lone Star cops; rules for shapeshifters; new variations on existing metatypes; rules for training costs and times; contact rules; and a very useful system of advantages and disadvantages (called Edges and Flaws) that allows a bit of extra fleshing out during character development. All of this is nicely arranged, well-written, and...well, I'm glad that they finally allowed someone other than that Larry MacDougall chap to do some of the illustrations. Not my cup of tea, I'm afraid, but some of the other illustrations in this sourcebook are very nice.
We give this sourcebook our highest recommendation. It's an essential part of every GM's collection, and an entertaining and informative resource for almost every Shadowrun player.
OCENA 4 (max 4)


Introduction: Shadowrun Companion
by Michael Mulvihill

The Shadowrun Companion: Beyond the Shadows is a universal rulebook—its focus is greater than a single theme or topic. This book covers multiple aspects of the Shadowrun game and universe, providing new and expanded information for both gamemasters and players. In addition to offering more flexibility in character creation and campaign design, it provides new optional rules and creative ideas and solutions to common problems that plague game play.

Many of the ideas presented in the first edition of the Shadowrun Companion were incorporated into Shadowrun, Third Edition. It was thus necessary to revise the Shadowrun Companion to reflect the new rules and to include fresh material.

The Shadowrun Companion takes players through the life of a shadowrunner, from character creation to character retirement. The Character Creation section helps you create more well-rounded characters by offering hints and help for creating a complete background story. We also include a point-based approach to character generation, with options for creating otaku, ghoul, shapeshifter and metahuman variant characters. This section also introduces Edges and Flaws, a mechanic that offers a wide variety of personality traits to help players make each character unique.

The Skills and Training chapter focuses on using the Athletics Skill and many of its specializations, including swimming, jumping, running and even being an escape artist. Rules for training to improve both Attributes and skills are also included.

Player character contacts have always been an important but under-used part of the Shadowrun universe. Contacts and Enemies suggests ways to expand the role of these non-player characters, from creating NPC personalities to exploring the distinction between what a contact knows and what he’s willing to reveal, to staying on a contact’s good side and maintaining confidentiality. Players also can network their contacts through Friends of Friends, an option that adds new depth to characters’ sources for information. This section also describes several non-traditional contacts, including the Shadowland BBS. Contacts and Enemies provides rules for creating enemies, non-player characters with a more sinister reason for interacting with player characters, and tips for how to effectively present such NPCs in the game.

The Advanced Rules section offers optional rules for Karma. These variations include favors and markers, and guidelines for character advancement in an amoral (Karma-less) campaign. This section also offers a system for creating workable statistics for famous NPCs, threats and other opponents of shadowrunners. Following this material are state-of-the-art rules, which allow gamemasters to control the technology curve in their campaigns; rules for DocWagon; and more security systems to use against runners on a run.

Running the Game offers gamemasters a framework and outline to use in designing their own scenarios, adventures and campaigns, including baseline payments for various shadowrunning activities. Alternate Campaign Concepts shows gamemasters how to develop and run alternative campaigns and includes examples of player character groups such as Doc Wagon EMTs and Lone Star teams. This section also provides rules for creating street gangs and designing gang-member characters, suggests campaign hooks for drawing street gangs into a Shadowrun game, and describes five Seattle gangs in detail to demonstrate the possibilities of running gang story lines.
Developer's Say

The Shadowrun Companion is one of my favorite books.

When this book was first introduced, it created options for and interest in areas that no one really thought existed, such as alternate campaigns and metavariants. It introduced one of my favorite characters—Lord Torgo—and it included Edges and Flaws and Enemies; each of which have made the games I run much more fun and exciting as a gamemaster. It also appealed to the fans who asked me all kinds of questions regarding rules, theory, gamemastering and problem-solving.

The Shadowrun Companion was the first salvo in my quest to invigorate Shadowrun by opening up new horizons for the game world. Thankfully, it succeeded. It satisfied both new players who were presented with a number of new options for their characters, their gamemasters and their campaigns, and long-time fans who were provided with rules and revisions that they had been requesting for years. As I stated in the original Introduction, the Shadowrun Companion was not intended to be Shadowrun, Third Edition, but rather a way to answer all the fans in a quick and efficient manner.

In retrospect, we did an even better job than I had expected. When it came time to create an actual Shadowrun, Third Edition, we ended up using about a third of the information presented in the original version of this book. Luckily, we are working with a vibrant universe and receive continuous input and opinions, so there are always new ideas to include and old rules to be refined. In other words, this revision of The Shadowrun Companion contains even more of these options than it’s previous incarnation. Instead of "fixing rules (which was the point of SR3), we were able to incorporate and update information that had previously appeared in sourcebooks that are now out-of-print.

So as it stands the Shadowrun Companion is now updated and ready for action in the shadows … .

As always … Have Fun! Play Shadowrun!


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