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7323: Shadows Of The Underworld (1996) Edytuj

Źródło: Gurth

Autorzy: Jennifer Brandes, Chris Hepler, Stephen Kenson, Brian Schoner & Chris Hussey
ISBN 1-55560-307-6
Pages: 96
Edition: Second (with Virtual Realities 2.0 Matrix stats)
Status/Availability: in print/common
Plot: Five adventures in one book, some of which have to do with the 2057 UCAS presidential election, and some which are totally unrelated to this event.


Whereas Dry Run in Super Tuesday! only bore a minor resemblance to the first Die Hard movie, this is almost a straight rip-off. The runners get trapped at the top of the Empire State Building in New York City with a Dunkelzahn representative when misguided Dunkelzahn supporters decide to make a statement by taking the building hostage and preparing to blow up the top floors. The runners have to stop them without causing any unnecessary casualties.

Two SolitudesEdytuj

In San Francisco, a missing young man's parents hire the runners to find him. He was being blackmailed to steal Yamatetsu secrets his father has access to for Saeder-Krupp, but after stealing them he decided to run away instead. Both S-K and Yamatetsu are after him, and the runners must avoid both and convince their target that they can help him.


The Human Nation, an anti-Awakened policlub has stolen a dragon's egg and wants to use it to make dragons get bad PR—they will make the dragon it belongs to so angry that it will cause a lot of needless destruction—which will be bad for Dunkelzahn's chances of becoming UCAS president. The runners are hired to simply guard the egg for a while (without knowing what they are looking after), but the Yakuza, who were involved in the affair without knowing what it truly was, want the egg back before getting a great dragon too angry at them.

Double Dipping Edytuj

The runners are hired to kidnap someone, but are really set up to take the fall in another anti-metahuman PR campaign, this one by the Humanis Policlub. The runners must try to clear their names by finding the true guilty party and its motives, but this is difficult when their contacts don't want much to do with them anymore.

Dead Run Edytuj

Another set-up, this time making it appear as if the runners have killed presidential candidate Franklin Yeats. In truth the wasp spirit inhabiting Yeats' body was eliminated by mantis spirits, among them Yeats' VP candidate Anne Penchyk (see Casualties of War in Super Tuesday). The murder results in the runners being wanted by the FBI, but they get help from the fixer (Eve Donovan from Silver Angel) who set up the meet with Yeats; their only option is to expose Penchyk as working together with insect spirits.

Thoughts: I haven't run any of these adventures, so I can't say much about them. It does seem to me that they are a bit time-critical, in that they won't make much sense if not played as part of the 2057 election plotline.
Additional Thoughts by Mark Steedman: Excelsior and C.O.D. at least are good, though the first is rather difficult to finish unless the players find a faster way of moving about than the adventure assumes. Both could also be run with a different background story, though having the runners do the run they were actually being hired for when Excelsior starts is fun, even if the gamemaster has to write the whole lot.
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Survey Rating: 6.9 (16 votes)

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