The Shedim are are bodysnatching free spirits from a far metaplane, capable of manifesting in the physical world only by anchoring themselves to dead bodies (or 'unoccupied' ones, in the case of those who are using astral projection.) They seem to have an inborn hatred for all living things, and this hatred drives them to attempt to destroy metahumans and spirits alike.

After their first reported appearences in 2061 (The Year of the Comet), the Shedim are known to have influenced events in the Middle East, specifically relating to the rise of the New Islamic Jihad. In 2064, this plot is foiled with the revelation that the leader of the Jihad, Ibn Eisa, had been possessed by a Shedim.

Observation of the shedim has revealed that the amount of intelligence, motivation, and malice among them varies greatly, leading some to theorize that like insect spirits, the shedim are seperated into multiple categories or subspecies. The rank and file normal shedim take the role of servants and drones, while the master shedim are the puppetmasters, guiding their lesser bretherin in various plots. The master shedim are more intelligent, more powerful, and have the ability to open astral gateways, which they used to bring forth more shedim to suit their purposes.

On the astral plane, shedim appear as translucent apparitions that resemble large jellyfish. Due to their apparent interest in causing death, chaos, genocide and war wherever possible, some have theorized that the shedim may be somehow linked to the Wraith or Horrors.

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The Shedim

Shedim are bodysnatching spirits from the darkest regions of the metaplanar realms. They steal the corpses of the dead and the bodies of imprudent magicians as physical vessels for themselves.
Contrary to other threats, who view Earth as a breeding or feeding ground, shedim seem to possess a violent hatred of everything living and exhibit hostility towards metahumans and other spirits.
The first public encounters with shedim took place worldwide during the Year of the Comet, 2061. The dark agendas of these spirits took an even more insidious turn when they were linked to the rise of the New Islamic Jihad a few years later.
Their machinations shook the Middle East until 2064, when the master shedim that had seized control of the Jihad’s spiritual leader, Ibn Eisa, was revealed. Some fear, correctly so, that the events in the Middle East were merely a prelude to shedim plans to instigate worldwide crisis and widespread death (war, genocide, holocaust).

The Nature of Shedim
Shedim can be considered free spirits (p. 106) and cannot normally be summoned or bound. In fact, as no one has ever found their home metaplane (or at least admitted to it), whether or not they possess true names (spirit formula) remains a matter of conjecture.

On the astral plane, shedim appear as translucent apparitions whose phantom-like forms resemble large, free-floating, jellyfish-like amoeboid entities. Subject to Evanescence (p. 148), the only way a shedim can remain in the physical world is by anchoring itself via possession of a dead vessel—which is why finding a corpse is often the primary concern of shedim newly-arrived on Earth. Shedim also have the disturbing ability to possess the “unoccupied” bodies of Awakened characters who are astrally projecting (treating them as prepared vessels, p. 95).

The levels of intelligence, motivation, and malice observed among individual shedim vary greatly, leading to suspicions that—like insect spirits—shedim may be divided into subspecies or castes. The only distinction thaumaturgic specialists have so far been able to discern is the division of the shedim species into normal shedim (servants or drones) and so-called master shedim, which are even more threatening and powerful.

Since metahumanity has responded to the shedim presence by changing their death rites and protecting cemeteries, crypts, and even morgues with astral defenses such as wards, shedim have developed new tricks to snatch the bodies of metahumans.
They have been known to prey on victims of random violence or natural causes shortly after death, and have more than once been found working together to target special victims, kidnap them, and murder them for their bodies.
The powerful entities known as master shedim have also found ways of opening passage to their home metaplane from Earth using the Astral Gateway power (p. 98). They jealously guard this ability as a means to summon and control more of their lesser brethren and appear disinclined to cooperate with other master shedim.


F F F+2 F F F F F F F F (Fx2)+2 2
  • Astral INIT/IP: Fx2, 3
  • Movement: 10/25
  • Skills: Assensing, Astral Combat, Dodge, Perception, Unarmed Combat
  • Powers: Astral Form, Deathly Aura, Energy Drain (Karma, Touch range, Physical damage), Fear, Immunity (Age, Pathogens, Toxins), Paralyzing Touch, Possession (Dead or Abandoned Vessels), Sapience
  • Optional Powers: Accident, Aura Masking, Compulsion, Regeneration, Search, Shadow Cloak, Silence
  • Weaknesses: Allergy (Sunlight, Mild), Evanescence

Master Shedim

F F F+3 F F F F F F F F (Fx2)+3 2
  • Astral INIT/IP: Fx2, 3
  • Movement: 10/25
  • Skills: Assensing, Astral Combat, Counterspelling, Dodge, Perception, Spellcasting, Unarmed Combat
  • Powers: Astral Form, Astral Gateway, Aura Masking, Banishing Resistance, Compulsion, Deathly Aura, Energy Drain (Karma, Touch range, Physical damage), Fear,

Immunity (Age, Pathogens, Toxins), Possession (Dead or Abandoned Vessels), Regeneration, Sapience, Shadow Cloak, Spirit Pact

  • Optional Powers: Accident, Noxious Breath, Search, Silence.
  • Weaknesses: Allergy (Sunlight, Mild), Evanescence
  • Notes: Master shedim have the Magician quality (p. 79, SR4), but may never use Conjuring skills. The gamemaster determines what spells the master shedim knows.

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