Oyabun Edytuj

The Shigeda-gumi is the newest in Seattle, formed from the remains of other clans decimated in the Korean purge. It is led by Oyabun Takeo Shigeda, a progressive and visionary leader well equipped for the challenge of running Seattle’s smallest and least influential yakuza clan.
Shigeda sides with the Shotozumi-rengo in most matters, though he advocates modifying the ancient traditions to allow more magicians and women to operate throughout the yakuza (as they do in his own organization).
Shigeda gives his underlings more freedom than most yakuza leaders, encouraging personal initiative and judgment. This has backfired on him a few times when members of his organization took their “personal initiative” too far, but the oyabun has so far been able to rein in any rogues.

The Shigeda-gumi runs operations in the north of the metroplex, in Everett, Snohomish and parts of Redmond.
The gumi competes with the Ciarniello Family in the gambling business and has considerable influence on smuggling in northern Seattle, as well as a large slice of the vice industry.

>>>>>[The Shigedas have been importing bunraku “flesh-puppet” brothels from San Francisco, using prostitutes modified with personafix BTL chips to make them into whomever the client wants. The brothels are a huge cash cow, so you can bet the Mafia or some other rival will try to muscle in on the action.]<<<<<

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