what’S up, chummer?Edytuj

The streets of Seattle are dim and hungry, and so are our famished ‘runners. A bit of poor planning has led them to the only 24 hour joint in town: Stufer Shack. The den of dehydrated delicacies. The vault of varicose victuals. Unfortunately for our hungry, hungry heroes, the Stufer Shack is about to host a most disturbing assassination attempt. Ater our characters have spread throughout the store perusing the lackluster filler on Stufer Shack’s overlowing shelves, Brandeen will enter the store with her wailing offspring, Cody.

As the player characters glance up and wrinkle their noses at the late night ruckus, an explosion of staggering proportions erupts from the parking lot blowing in the windows and demolishing the front of the building. Brandeen and Cody are thrown into a remote corner of the store and buried under a row of shelves and packages.

The hit squad consists of four men: Crank and Stooby, human ex-gangers who provide the muscle for the group; Fornis, a dwarf shaman; and Joeby, Stooby’s scrawny younger brother who serves as the squad’s hacker. Stooby is the leader of this rag-tag bunch.

Following the explosion, Crank, Stooby, and Fornis step through the crater that was once the entrance of the Stufer Shack. They begin kicking aside twisted shelving and stuffers as they search the wrecked store for the woman and her infant. Joeby is laid out in the parking lot, thanks to a blow upside the head from his older brother for botching what should have been an easy push-button kill.

Crank and Stooby begin corralling some of the customers by the frozen goods area, threatening to waste anyone who gets in their way. Fornis moves through the destruction to find Brandeen and Cody. Communications in and out of the Stufer Shack have been jammed and surveillance shut down, so LoneStar will not arrive anytime soon to thwart the hit.

The damage of the explosion has demolished a large portion of the Stufer Shack making the search for Brandeen and Cody slow and laborious. The hit men are filled with nervous energy, especially Stooby, and their frustration and aggression increase the longer it takes for them to discover their target. They feel like their “careers” are riding on the success of this first hit, and they are already in danger of failing. Their desperation grows with each passing second and their trigger fingers get increasingly itchy. The players should feel like their lives are on the line, motivating them to stomp out the hit squad, even if they lack the moral clarity to defend Brandeen and her son.


tell it to them StraightEdytuj

It’s the great equalizer. It’ll stop a troll the size of car as easily as the smallest dwarf or the thinnest elf. It ain’t a weapon, spell or even a dragon—it’s hunger. When it’s time to eat, you just gotta get the stuffers into your stomach before you go berserk. What are stufers? They used to be called junk food or munchies. They’re probably just as good for you as nutrisoy and krill-filler, regardless of those ads from the Nutrition Council. When the pangs hit, there’s only one place to go (especially when the sun rises in about an hour) to find that kind of chow. It’s the place everyone loves to hate: Stufer Shack.


Stress the familiar surroundings. Each Stufer Shack looks exactly like every other, so the runners probably could navigate the aisles with their eyes closed—not to mention that they’ve spent so much nuyen in these places over the years that they should own stock. They don’t even need to think about what to get, because they always get the same things. A few moments after Brandeen arrives and the explosion occurs, familiarity is gone and utter chaos should reign. It should be loud, shocking and a little disconcerting even for experienced shadowrunners. Use the NPCs in the store to set the tone, both before and after the explosion.

Before the explosionEdytuj

Vern (the store clerk), eyes half-open, staring blankly at his holo-zine; Veronica (the girlfriend) yapping about this new hair removal cream Vern should use on his back; Dustoo (the ice cream scrounger) peeling of the lid, checking to see if anyone is watching, then dipping his finger into the ice cream and giving it a taste; Jake and Angie (the punks) making out in the aisle while she slips some cans of cat food into her jacket.

after the explosionEdytuj

Vern knocked unconscious behind the counter; Veronica’s whimpers heard from a remote corner; Dustoo desperately trying to squeeze himself into the “safety” of the freezers; Angie clinging to Jake and desperately blubbering “Don’t let me die! Don’t let me die!”

Behind the SceneSEdytuj

Stuffer ShackEdytuj

The weather in Seattle is normal for this time of year: crummy. Our players have filtered in from the freezing drizzle to satiate their late-night hunger pangs. Water pools on the floor as they drag themselves up and down the phosphorescent aisles killing time before they venture back into the cold grim night. Stress the frightening weather and the desire for warmth and shelter even in a place as discomfiting as the neon Stufer Shack. As the players peruse the homogenized offerings of Stufer Shack you can read them a sampling of merchandise from the Map Key or photocopy the map and key and let them see it for themselves. Encourage the characters to choose what they intend to buy.


food fight 4.0Edytuj

Food Fight 4.0 is a down and dirty rumble with just a tinge of drama, developed to give the gamemaster and players a sense of how the Shadowrun rules works. Don’t worry much about roleplaying at this point, just focus on rolling the dice and having some sloppy fun. Each player should select one of the Sample Characters. The opponents in this scenario are sub-par hitmen, just a step above an average thug, with a few touches of magic and Matrix savvy thrown in to keep things lively. digging deeper If the characters interrogate any of the hitmen, the story behind the hit comes out: Mel Cozi, a senior V.P. for the mini-corp Alliance Designs, has been having lady troubles. His former mistress, Brandeen Mettlinger, had his baby six months earlier. Since then, she has been demanding hush money, threatening to reveal the illegitimate son to Mel’s wife if the nuyen doesn’t continue to low to her. In order to neutralize his “problem,” Mel has employed an amateurish hit squad. In a classic display of “you get what you paid for,” one of the assassins lost a bout with morality and hesitated long enough for Brandeen and her son to enter the Stuffer Shack, before detonating her car.

When the characterS arrive at the Stuffer Shack, read the following aloud:Edytuj

Great tracts of neon and fluorescent lights that leech away color to make everything a uniform, dull gray indicate that you have arrived at the home of synth-alcohol, soykaf, porno-simchips, Holohayo 3D greeting cards, pneumatic fluid for your bike, cheap fetish trinkets for the magical wannabes, soygrits, and a full line of stuffers with no redeeming nutritional or social value. Yep, the good ol’ Stuffer Shack, home to a smell you can’t recognize (and probably don’t want to) and thousands of nuyen worth of stomach-rotting chow. As an added benefit, it’s open 24-7-365. The store clerk is flipping through a holo-zine as his girlfriend sits on a stool next to the counter babbling incessantly about her completely uneventful day. A young couple in full punk regalia is shopping sullenly for cat food. A thin nervous man searches the ice-cream cases frantically as though his life hung in the balance. In other words, everything is normal for a Stuffer Shack, even at 4 am.

Stuffer Shack keyEdytuj

There are four vid-cameras in the store. One above the checkout counter (Area A) focuses on the patron and the cash register, while a second one above the counter focuses on the front door. A third one monitors the back corner between Areas J and K. The fourth camera scans the parking lot.

Aisle 1: Air filters, radon testers, water puriiers, Detoxy™ products (“Clean your Oxy … Use Detoxy!”) and other environmental and antipollution products for the home. Aisle 2: Automotive and bike supplies. Aisle 3: Soaps, detergents, bug sprays, roach condos, rat traps, big rat traps and so on. Aisle 4: Small hardware, household goods, paints and sprays. Aisle 5: Personal hygiene soaps, sprays, pads, strips and spritzes, in regular or industrial strength. Aisle 6: First aid supplies, along with a big sign reading: “Don’t Wait To Get Hit … Stock Your Medkit!”. There are also patent medicines, vitamins and so forth. Aisle 7: Pet foods and supplies. Jake and Angie are making out here. Aisle 8: Small appliances, such as Zap-O-Nuke microwaves, Toast-R-ovens, coffee makers and so on. Aisle 9: On the left is a locked display of sim-chips and simdisks, both audio and video, for purchase or rental. A big display sign in the middle of the shelf hawks the latest “Beauty and Her Beasts” simsense chip. On the right are snacks to go with the vids—sodas, soynuts, Slurpee-doos, Zap-corn, and a host of individually wrapped treats. Aisle 10: Use’N’Lose disposable plastic products, such as clothing, tablecloths, containers, utensils and umbrellas. Aisle 11: Baked goodies, such as cakes, doughnuts, twisters, Sweeteez and Krak-L-Snaps. A large NutraSoy Energy Cakes™ display is located at the end of this aisle facing Area E. Aisle 12: Breakfast foods, such as AlmostEgg, BacoSoy and ready-to-eat cereals (including Maxiblast Sugar Bombs in three popular flavors, Red, Green, and Purple!). Aisle 13: Soykafs, teas and herbal teas, Koko chocolate substitute and beverage mixes. Aisle 14: On the left, Aztex-mex cuisine, ranging from mild (“Wussy”) to very spicy (“Meltdown”). Most products feature the stepped-pyramid logo of Aztechnology on the label. On the right, guaranteed organic health foods imported directly from various Native American Nations and Elven Wines from Tir Tairngire. Prices are very high. Perishables are in Areas K and J. Aisle 15: On the right, chips, dips, crackers, cookies, twitters, choco-slurps and berry-bombers. On the left are candies and other mega-carbohydrate-death “food” like Boostergum, SucroZoom, and Womp-Snappers. Aisle 16: On the left are soypasta, sauces, ramen noodles, and Cup-O-Soup products. On the right are soups and stews, both freeze-dry mixes and pre-packaged heat-and-serves. Aisle 17: This aisle is jam-packed with plasti-packed fruit dishes and vegetables that are gamma-ray treated to retard spoilage. There are small radiation wrappers on the packaging. Aisle 18: Flour, raw nutrisoy and flavor additives, krill filler, textured vegetable protein, dextro-and levo-sugars and sugar substitutes. Area A: The checkout counter. Besides Vern working the counter and Veronica nattering at him, there’s a barcode scanner, cash register terminal, credstick receptor, a PanicButton™, a shotgun and various counter displays. Area B: Everyone’s favorite, the simsense arcade games are located here. There are four different games: “Little Mutant Vik Ninja Cyberboy! 3”, “Orbital Ninja Death Commando 5”, “The All-New Ultimate Bike Race Ninja Street Duel,” and “Street Fighting Magical Ninja 8.” Each is 1¥ per minute of play—just slot your credstik and put on the ‘trodes. Area C: The manager’s office. It includes a second PanicButton™, and the recorder for the security cameras. Area D: This is a locked display of cheap, personal electronics such as personal computers, cheap CD and chip players, data readers and portable simsense rigs. Area E: The dispenser bars for liquid and viscous products such as Shmoozies, Snorkels, Shakeups, Soykaf, Fizzygoo and so on are located here. It also features Ludivenko Lovely Soya-Sloppies with the DoubleThick option. Area F: The Cook-It-Your-Self microwave, the rotating pizza display machine, the Synthmeat “Hot Dog” dispenser and the Soy Patty Yummy Burger Grill-O-Matic are located here. The table in this section offers plates, cups, napkins, plastic knives and plastic sporks. Area G: The employee lounge, featuring the time clock, toilets, lockers, a sofa and some chairs. The area attached to this is the restroom. Area H: The stockroom. There is a door in this room that leads to the alley behind the store. Area J: The cold food items are stocked here. The microwaveable foods are closest to Area F; the rest are “homemade sandwiches and meals shipped in overnight”, plus kafsoda, synthjuice, and soy milk. Area K: Frozen foods of all kinds, with delicious frozen confections near Aisles 1 and 2. Dustoo is sampling ice cream here. Area L: This area contains a tiny, dusty and yellowing display of books and magazines in actual hardcopy format. There are also two NewsFax printout terminals and a HoloQuik copy machine.

who’S on the inSideEdytuj

The NPCs in the Stufer Shack and their location in the store appear below. Any specific gear or skills are noted in the descriptions of the non-player characters.

Store occupantsEdytuj

Vern is the checkout clerk, a complete loser. After the explosion he is blasted into the cigarette rack and knocked unconscious. The Remington 990 shotgun, with 8 shots [Damage: 7P; AP: -1; Range 0-10 (S, -0), 10-40 (L, -2)] that was under the counter got knocked onto the floor, just a few feet away from Veronica. Veronica is Vern’s homely, pudgy dwarf girlfriend. She is cowering behind a collapse holo-zine rack and whimpers quietly to herself throughout the ordeal. She will do whatever the hit squad orders her to do with minimal fuss. Veronica will not use the shotgun, but she may be coaxed into tossing it to a player if she believes they are there to help. Dustoo Gorse is a mousy human technophile who’s out shopping for his overbearing and bossy wife. He is desperately searching for pickle flavored ice cream as the explosion hits and will remain timid throughout. His attempts to crawl into the freezer to hide should provide some comic relief. Jack and Angie Scatman are in Aisle 7 buying cat food. Jack and Angie are rocker royalty wannabes. Jack is dressed head to toe in skin-tight white leather pants, a sleeveless white leather shirt and a white fringed leather vest. He also has several kilograms of FauxGold™ jewelry hanging around his neck. Angie is wearing a skin-tight black leather jumpsuit featuring about forty-two working zippers and with nearly eight meters of mesh chain wrapped around her body and appendages. Jack has a Colt America L36 [Pistol skill 1; Damage: 4P; AP: 0; Range 0-10 (S, -0), 10-40 (L, -2)] in his white leather boot. He will not use the weapon, unless he feels the tide of the battle is turning in favor of the store occupants, then his courage will bloom and he may join in the fight against the hit squad. Brandeen is a young, mildly attractive elf woman who looks like she hasn’t slept in about two weeks. Cody, her son with good ol’ Mel Cozi, is a non-stop screeching crier. However, fortunately for Brandeen and Cody, the explosion and the trauma of being hurtled through the store by the blast, has finally kept him quiet … at least for a little while. They are buried under packages and a collapsed section of shelving obscures her from view. It takes Brandeen 5 Combat Turns to come back from the initial shock, but she will remain silent and still, sensing that it is probably better to stay hidden than call for help. She definitely suspects she may be the target of this attack. If any players stumble across her and try to help, she will immediately assume they are out to get her and she will resist unless the player can persuade her to trust them. It will take the hit squad about 3-4 minutes to find her, so if the runners do not retaliate within that time, she and Cody are toast.

hit Squad Edytuj

Stooby and Crank are the muscle of this operation. Former gangers, they dress the role—lotsa leather, chains, tattoos. They storm into the store, kicking over shelves and debris trying to locate Brandeen and Cody. As they encounter people, they wave guns in their faces and order them to stand by the refrigeration aisle. Stooby is particularly ugly, not from any scars or deformities … just UGLY! They will do a lot of shouting and threatening—“Ya don’t cooperate, yer dead!” Joeby is the hit man with a conscience. He couldn’t bring himself to activate the car bomb, and his brother Stooby knocked him over the head, snagged the detonation device, and set of the bomb … too late of course. Joeby will regain consciousness after 10 Combat Turns and stumble through the blasted store-front. Even after the bullying by his brother, he will come to Stooby’s aid if he feels like his brother’s life is threatened. Joeby isn’t much of a fighter, but his hacking skills could make him difficult to deal with—activating the sprinkler system, killing the lights, etc. Fornis isn’t quite sure how he got roped into this, but the hit squad wanted to have a little magic to back them up, so, through a friend of a friend of a guy who knows a guy, Fornis got a call from Stooby and decided to make some “easy” nuyen. He will actually be slightly apologetic to people he encounters, telling them he doesn’t really want to hurt any innocent people. However, once he meets resistance and feels his life is threatened, he will become extremely hostile and even vulgar once he starts slinging spells.

Bring on the noiSe!Edytuj

Once the players get inside the Stufer Shack, ask where they are going. Once they reach those sections, Brandeen enters the store. Dustoo frantically opens and closes freezer doors, examining containers of ice cream with an insane level of scrutiny. Vern yawns in boredom as Veronica chats endlessly and files the nails on her stubbly fingers. Once Brandeen is a few feet inside the store, the explosion from the parking lot erupts, tearing a gaping hole in the front of the store, near Aisle 1 and Aisle 2. Just before, the explosion Joeby hacks the store’s security system, disabling all four cameras. Broken glass, smoke, a few small fires flickering. The three or four aisles closest to the impact are demolished. Vern is knocked senseless into the cigarette display and the counter is blasted apart. Veronica is blown onto the floor away from the counter and begins whimpering. Dustoo, in a complete panic, is trying to crawl into the freezer shelves for safety. Any character within 15 feet of the impact is knocked to the ground, and buried under a small pile of product rubble. The players may now roll for initiative.


Hacking Stuffer ShackEdytuj

The person playing the Hacker might need some hints before he or she can really take advantage of the Hacker’s radical Augmented Reality abilities. Here are some ideas for cool stuff the Hacker can do to cause a ruckus in the Stuffer Shack! If you need to, drop them some hints so they can unlock their inner potential! 1. Take control of the floor-waxing drone and pilot it around, crashing it into people or blocking their path. 2. Hijack a nearby car and drive it remotely. 3. Unlock various shelves in the store, such as the first aid supplies in Aisle 6 or the Simchips in Aisle 9. 4. Remotely activating the PanicButton alarm system. 5. Unlocking the rear doors in Section H. 6. Set any of the machines in Section E to dispense Shmoozies, Soykaf, and more—until it’s all over the floor—slip and slide, baby!

after Brandeen enterS the StoreEdytuj

read the following You look up as a mildly attractive elf woman enters the store with a wailing child in tow. You and the other clientele of the Stuffer Shack wrinkle your noses at the offending noise, which is spoiling the remnants of your Saturday night stupor. Suddenly a violent explosion erupts from the parking lot spraying glass and Stuffers across the room. The wall caves in and dangling fluorescent lamps spray sparks as they sway precariously. After a few moments of shocked silence, two large figures step through the gaping blast hole that used to be the front of the Stuffer Shack, guns drawn, faces tense. The uglier of the two shouts, “None of ya’s is gonna get hurt if ya keep yer yaps shut and stay outta the way. Now, tell me where the lady with tha baby is and you all is gonna live to see sunrise”



B A R S C I L W IP 4 5 4 4(6) 2 3 3 4 1 Skills: Intimidation 3 [5], Pistols 3 [8], Clubs 3 [8], Dodge 1 [5], Unarmed Combat 2 [7] Equipment: Ares Predator IV [Damage: 5P; AP: -1; Range 0-10 (S, -0), 10-40 (L, -2)] 5 clips of Ammo (15 shots per clip) Armor Jacket (Ballistic/Impact: 8/6) Cyberware: Right Cyberarm (S +2)


B A R S C I L W IP 5 3 3 5(6) 2 2 2 3 1 Skills: Intimidation 3 [5], Automatics 2 [5], Blades 3 [6], Dodge 1 [4], Unarmed Combat 3 [6] Equipment: AK-97 Carbine [Damage: 5P; AP: -0; Range 0-10 (S, -0), 10-40 (L, -2)] 5 clips of Ammo (30 shots per clip) Armor Vest (Ballistic/Impact: 6/4)


B A R S C I L W IP 3 4 5 3 3 4 4 4 1 Skills: Pistols 2 [6], Hacking 4 [8], Dodge 2 [7], Unarmed Combat 2 [6], Perception 3 [7] Equipment: Ares Predator IV [Damage: 5P; AP: -1; Range 0-10 (S, -0), 10-40 (L, -2)] 5 clips of Ammo (15 shots per clip) Armor Vest (Ballistic/Impact: 6/4) Novatech Airware Commlink w/Mangadyne Deva OS Programs: Attack 4, Exploit 4


B A R S C I L W M IP 3 3 3 3 3 3 5 5 4 1 Skills: Pistols 2 [5], Perception 2 [5], Spellcasting 3 [7], Counterspelling 2 [6] Spells: >Armor [Type: P; Range: LOS; Duration: Sustained; both Ballistic and Impact protection equal to hits scored, cumulative with worn armor)] >Confusion [Type : M; Range: LOS; Duration: Sustained; -1 dice pool modifier to target per hit] >Ice Sheet [Type : P; Range: LOS (Area); Duration: Instant; crossing ice requires Agility + Reaction Test, hreshold equal to hits, to avoid falling]

>Manabolt [Type : M; Range: LOS; Damage: (equal to hits)P): Duration: Instant] Equipment: Fichetti Security 600 Light Pistol [Damage: 4P; AP: 0; Range 0-10 (S, -0), 10-40 (L, -2)] 5 clips of Ammo (30 shots per clip)

Supermarket SweepEdytuj

A supermarket is a dynamic battleground. Things break. Stuff spills. Colorful substances spurt all over the place. Every time someone fires their gun, roll 1D6 and consult the Food Fight Table to see what breaks and the effect it has on the fight. If the shot is made in Semi-Automatic mode, add +1 to the first roll. then roll 2D6 to determine what the explosion looks like. When the players take a shot, let them roll for the result on the Food Fight Table. The result of the roll are cumulative over time. In other words, on a die roll result of 4–5 the target will suffer a –1 Dice Pool Modifier. If, later, he’s unlucky enough to be standing near an area where a 2–3 modifier was rolled, he’ll be suffering a –2 Dice Pool Modifier until he can get out of that area, when it will return to a mere –1.

cleaning upEdytuj

Because shadowrunners are usually more professional than this crop of amateur hit men, the runner team should come out on top. he badges are on the way in response to the disturbance, and the shadowrunners most likely feel no urge to explain to Lone Star Security why they were packing all that hardware. Police statements create a permanent record (“Just what is your System Identification Number, citizen?”), which means there is going to be too much light around here for those who prefer the shadows. If Vern is still alive by the end of the battle he will be too panicked at the state of his shop and the future of his career to pay much attention to any looting or corpses in the local vicinity. If his girlfriend Veronica survives, she will immediately begin babbling the details of the encounter to her shell-shocked boyfriend, or anyone that will listen. The store is in such disarray that any items found on the ground that are not destroyed may be pocketed. Nothing too valuable will be available though.



Shadowrun can be a deadly game; if you think the player characters might be slaughtered, consider using one of the following options to keep them alive: Have the hit squad stop shooting at any character who appears down; The hit squad splits after killing Brandeen and Cody; if they hear sirens in the distance nearing the scene; or if two or more of them are badly wounded.

more deBuggingEdytuj

docwagon Also remember that the Bounty Hunter and Street Samurai have DocWagon contracts, which will bring them medical care if they signal for it or fall unconcious.

future work If Brandeen survives, she will thank the runners profusely for saving her and Cody’s life, and may even try to explain her theory concerning the attack (which would be the truth) and possibly look to enlist the runners for some payback against Mel.

food fight tableEdytuj

die roll result 1 Nothing breaks 2-3 Glop splashes all over the target and anyone within 2 meters of him. Characters and NPCs in that area suffer a –1 Dice Pool Modifier. 4-5 So much glop splashes over the target that his face and arms are completely covered. He now suffers a –1 Dice Pool Modifier to all actions as a result of impaired visibility. 6 Pyrotechnics! Not only does stuff explode all over the target character(s) and anyone else in the vicinity, but the dam- age causes a secondary effect: falling cans, exploding light fixtures, chemical reactions — let your imagination run wild. The target character rolls Dodge + Reaction to evade 3S damage from this effect.

Roll 2D6 for each column, then add and use the results to describe the mess!

die roll color consistency type 2 Black Chunky Liquid 3 Blue Fizzy Meat 4 Green Lumpy Metal 5 Orange Smelly Plastic 6 Pink Soft Powder 7 Purple Spongy Vegetable 8 Red Sticky Liquid 9 White Sudsy Meat 10 Yellow Syrupy Metal 11 Clear Thick Plastic 12 Multi-color Choose 2 Powder


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