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Background: Maxwell Eddendorf was born to dwarven parents in the Clyde Hill neighborhood of Bellevue. A natural aptitude with mechanical devices led him first to small rigs of his own creation and then to larger security drones cobbled together for neighbors and local businesses. An interest in real-world applications led him to breaking into secure facilities, which in turn brought him into the local go-gangs‹first the Leather Devils and then the 405 Hellhounds. It was with the Hellhounds that Silver Max (his ganger name) first hooked up with Kross, a young ork. After a few encounters with Lone Star Security, Maxwell broke with gang life to become an independent drone rigger.

The gangs exposed Silver Max to a real world beyond the safe confines of his parents' garage, and these days he usually packs a heavy pistol and a short-hafted sledgehammer. The latter is useful both for making repairs and for negotiating with larger opponents.

Silver Max was comfortable among the predominantly human gangs and is willing to work with anyone who lets him tinker with his rigs. He keeps his work in a state of continual upgrade, always trying out some new modification.

Maxwell is relatively good-natured, though he prefers his machines to people. He sees his drones as tools by which the weak can stand up to the strong (""Metahumans are not created equal,technology helps make them equal""). In combat, he pushes both himself and his devices to the breaking point and is more than willing to test his ""babies"" to the point of destruction.

Silver Max is a runner both because the pay gives him access to bleeding-edge tech and because he wants to test his creations under real-world conditions. He accepts failure in stride, provided he can determine why his devices failed and compensate in the next generation of drones.

Tactics and Secrets: So he’s short . . . he’s got tech. With his array of tech gear and his tougher dwarf stature, you’ll want to get Silver Max in his 12″ black tech range to take on the opposition. Equip Silver Max with his drone and remote control deck for a white 4-sider and some handy black dice. Roll a Technical Superiority ace or two and you can clean out some of your opponent’s gear quite nicely. Keep other figures nearby to back up Silver Max, especially if you send him in for a skill check in a Campaign game. If things get tight, make sure he’s equipped with his hammer for a couple of yellow 4-siders for some in-close action.

General Information Name Silver Max Type N/A Rank N/A Point Value 3 Collector's Number 006 Rarity N/A Tournament Status Active

Additional Information Damage Bonus Dice Drone Slots:5 Fichetti Executive Action Slots:2 Hammer Slots:2 Jammer Slots:4 Remote Contol Deck Slots:5

Set Shadowrun: Duels Set 1




Silver Max

Contents: •One fully articulated action figure •One combat dial base, which opens for storage of equipment and accessories •An assortment of interchangeable weapons, gadgets, and armor with corresponding dice •Tape ruler •Rulebook


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