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Snohomish has large tracts of mountains, hills and woodlands, along with developed land controlled by agribusiness. It is a far cry from the steel towers and plastcrete canyons of the rest of Seattle.

>>>>>[For the most part, gangs aren’t a significant presence in Snohomish. The few gangs in the district are mostly metahumans who’ve banded together to terrorize the local inhabitants and provide mutual protection against local anti-metahuman sentiment. The rest are gangs of human toughs looking to bust metahuman skulls and protect their homes from “sub-human scum.” Both sides operate like old-time vigilantes.]<<<<<
-Social Adept “All the world’s a stage”

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  • AA: Bothell, Mountain Terrace
  • A: Snohomish
  • B: Brier, Kennard’s Corner (some areas), Malthby, Monroe (some areas), Turner Corner
  • C: Cathcart, Kennard’s Corner (some areas), Lynnwood, Monroe (some areas), Trasher’s Corner

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  • Brier Hotel - Family-style hotel. Decaying old hotel the Mafia would like to buy out, but one of the sisters who owns it refuses to sell
  • Snohomish Sheraton - Luksusowy hotel

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