Przygoda "Social Animals"[edytuj | edytuj kod]

Źródło: Gurth

Source: Shadowland Volume #2, December 1995
Author: Chris Hussey
Page: 50
Edition: any
Plot: The PCs are hired to be bodyguards for a SkinTech exec, who also wants them to find out who is after her. As the bodyguard job takes place at a fancy party, the runners will have to leave their heavy weapons and armor at home. What's happening is that SkinTech is being taken over by ghouls, who want to eliminate the exec (and some of her colleagues) at the party, which they've infiltrated. It's up to the runners to find this out and put a stop to it.
Thoughts: This is another one of Shadowland's "Headaches," meaning it's a short adventure that should be playable in a single session. As such it's relatively uncomplicated, although the gamemaster can of course make a bigger adventure out of it. It should work well for most teams, at any rate.

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