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Sol Media is a AA megacorporation based in Barcelona, Spain. Its CEO is Marina Nidos, a tough woman who gambles hard and has strong family connections in Aztlan. Its primary interests are in tourism, entertainment, and all aspects of media. Its subsidiaries include Terra Networks, Muxxic, Sol Media, SolEstudios, and Sol Vacaciones.

Sol Media started out as a minor simsense studio in 2049. Through the financial risks taken by its CEO, playing the odds through all aspects of media, it managed to take the capital it was earning in entertainment and tourism and bank into several European corps. It broke into the Aztlan market through Nidos's family connections there in 2052, and gained several controlling interests in Latin American media and telecom companies in 2054. The final merger with the international Italian media group Fininvest in 2061 vaulted it into the international scene. Because of its rapid growth and aggressive business tactics, Sol Media is much hated by its competitors and has DeMeKo, Saeder-Krupp (after acquiring Terra Networks), and Meridional among its enemies.