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One of Redmond’s newest and largest gangs, the Spiders were all victims of the Universal Brotherhood’s “charity,” and most of them are seriously deranged from their experiences. The gangers are united by their common desire to wipe out insect spirits and their belief in the Spider totem they follow.

The Spiders are led by Widow, a human Spider shaman. Her numerous lieutenants carry out her orders while she sits in the center of her web and plots the gang’s strategy. The Spiders are obsessed with keeping Redmond safe from bugs and other magical threats. They recruit people by force, snatching them off the streets and subjecting them to intense brainwashing to “show them the truth” about their cause.

>>>>>[These frags are no better than the Universal Brotherhood. Most of the methods they use—recruiting from the streets, indoctrination and brainwashing—they learned from the Brotherhood, though I wouldn’t recommend saying so anywhere one of the Spiders might hear you.]<<<<<

The Spiders claim that all of Redmond is under their “protection.” They clash with gangs who don’t care for the Spiders’ attitude and methods, particularly the Rusted Stilettos. The Spiders allegedly have their headquarters in Brain Heaven, a devastated area just south of Beaver Lake and Glow City. Their colors are black or dark brown, with red web patterns done in paint or tape over them. Many members also have web- or spider-style tattoos.

>>>>>[I’ll say one thing about the Spiders, they know their stuff when it comes to hunting bugs. The biggest UB hive in Seattle was probably in Redmond, and there are still plenty of bugs and bug shamans scattered around. The Spiders are experts at flushing them out and finishing them off.]<<<<<

The Spiders - A multi racial gang that is known for its hatred of bug spirits. These guys are as red hot as any shadowrunner. This gang is very violent. Unlike other gangs they do not leave "calling cards". Like the spider they are silent and lethal. Their leader is Widow a human spider shaman. The Spiders claim Redmond as their turf. They refer to this turf as the web. The gangs colors are black ,dark brown and red.