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Esox sputare Edytuj

The Spitting Pike is the Awakened cousin of the common pike (Esox lucius). It grows throughout its lifetime, ranging from 1 meter at 5 years to 2.5 meters in 15 years. The largest specimen caught to date was 3.71 meters long. It has a large mouth with 28 small teeth on the top and 18 larger teeth on the bottom. It has complex, top-mounted eyes that allow it to accurately gauge distances. It is covered in green-brown scales, with an underbelly of yellow-green and brown spots.

The spitting pike is mostly a nocturnal predator, feeding aggressively on other fish. It can also spit corrosive saliva, allowing it to hunt water birds and mammals. The spitting pike is highly territorial and aggressive, attacking anything that comes into its territory. It eats far more than it needs for sustenance, and seems to amuse itself by tearing apart its prey.

The spitting pike is highly sought after as a game fish, due to its size and dangerous spitting attack. It is found throughout Europe in freshwater lakes and rivers.

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