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5593: Steel Rain[]

Nyx Smith
Data wydania: luty 1997
ISBN 0-451-45593-2
Okładka: Romas Kukalis
Shadowrun #24

Cytat na okładce: An Elven samurai's desperate fight against deadly magic and corporate intrigue...

Kilku menadżerów zostaje zamordowanych i teraz wszystko zależy od kiebiety - członka elitarnego, korporacyjnego batalionu elfijskich samurajów. Tylko ona może odkryć, diaboliczny spisek szantażystów. Wszystkie dowody wskazują na największego rywala megakorporacji na polu technologii matrycy. Aby przeżyć, trzeba pokonać wroga uzbrojonego we wszelkie technologiczne cudeńka, nieograniczoną potęgę i całkowity brak litości.

Machiko is second-in-command of the Green Serpent Guard, an elite corp of Elven Samurai who are sworn to defned the Chairman of Nagato Corporation. But she soon gets a promotion - after her superior is ruthlessly cut down in a slew of attacks aimed at the famous Guard itself.

Only the wealthiest can afford assassians with enough muscle to take on the Green Serpent Guard, and Machiko turns up evidence that points to Nagato's biggest rival, Fuchi Corp. It looks like Fuchi has designs on Nagato's sensitive research division, where the incredible future of the communications matrix is taking shape. When magical attacks and sabotage begin taking out more of Nagato's personnel, things between the two megacorporations really heat up. But behind the growing hostilities with Fuchi looms a more sinister threat, requiring far more of Machiko's takents than her flashing sword. And staying alive may require defeating a high-tech foe with virtually unlimited powers-and absolutely no more...