Shadowrun: Duels - Kolekcjonerska gra figurkowa firmy WizKids.

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The Street Deacon first appeared on the Seattle scene ten years ago and has since established himself as a figure feared by criminals and corporate interests alike. He normally works for the highest bidder, taking or rejecting jobs at whim. He also takes jobs at reduced rates, and occasionally for free, if they fit with his unique worldview.

The Street Deacon sees himself as an agent of karmic retribution, seeking to punish those sinners who might otherwise escape unscathed. As a result, he is disposed to help the oppressed majority (including the SINless and metahumans) against the elite minority. He has no overwhelming sympathy for the less fortunate. Rather, he feels that the rich and powerful already have so many advantages that when they escape just retribution, the entire world is thrown out of balance. He truly believes that he has been chosen by greater powers (usually identified as God and/or the Archangel Michael) to restore that balance.

Taciturn, blunt and effective, the Street Deacon believes that actions speak louder than words, and he delivers his sermons with the assistance of his auto-loading shotgun.

Tactics and Secrets: Capable of both short- and close-range combat with a slightly higher-than-average base attack value, the Street Deacon is an excellent backup for just about any shadowrun. Equip him with his vibroblade sword for a yellow close-combat die, and his Defiance T-250 shotgun for a blue short-range combat die, and send him in. His extra yellow starting die combined with his damage bonuses for short and close range make him an excellent up-close-and-personal choice. His radio gives him a black 4-sider to augment any roll and a white 4-sider to help get him where he needs to go.

General Information[edytuj | edytuj kod]

Name The Street Deacon
Type N/A
Rank N/A
Point Value 2
Collector's Number 001
Rarity N/A
Tournament Status Active

Additional Information[edytuj | edytuj kod]

Damage Bonus
Defiance T-250 Slots:3
Med kit Slots:1
Plastech Vest Slots:1
Radio Slots:4
Virboblade Sword Slots:4

Set[edytuj | edytuj kod]

Shadowrun: Duels Set 1

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Recenzje[edytuj | edytuj kod]

1[edytuj | edytuj kod]

This six-inch Street Deacon Figure Game Piece comes with a unique base stand, which is also a playing piece in the game. The base and its three combat dials display all the game information for your figure. Plus, it functions as a storage space for all your game components when not in use. Figure comes with dice, base, tape rules, game hands, accessories and instructions. At least two figures required for game play. Collect them all.

2[edytuj | edytuj kod]

Ciekawostki[edytuj | edytuj kod] Character base for the Street Deacon

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