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Zapowiedź: Grudzień 2005

Street Magic FPR 26004 Edytuj Michael Komarck Michael Komarck Abrar Jamal Mia Steingräber Mike Rooth Alex Draude Anne Rouvin Abrar Jamal

The advanced magic book for Shadowrun, Fourth Edition. Details the nature of magic and its effects on society in the year 2070. Also contains advanced rules for alternate magic traditions, initiation and metamagic, enchanting, new spells and adept powers, the metaplanes of astral space, and a host of magical threats. Street Magic contains everything the players and gamemasters need for magic in SR4. Pierwotny projekt okładki

MATT na forum:

Street Magic

W opisie na oficjalnej stronie nie pojawiło się NIC, co radykalnie zmieniałoby magię w Szóstym Świecie. To chyba dobrze. Z Augmented Reality, Shadowrun 4 już i tak ledwo przypomina poprzednie edycje... Czy to gest w kierunku "starych fanów", czy po prostu brak pomysłów? A może pojawi się jednak coś, co kompletnie zaskoczy weteranów? Czas pokaże.

Recenzja (LARS na ShadowRN)Edytuj

Street Magic adds the following:

Each section starts with a page of fictional material and a full page drawing. You either like this or you think it's a waste, but SR4 did, and so does SM.

The Awakened World: 14 pages of background, not really necessary but just like Buzzkill, Welcom to the Shadows, A History Lesson for the Reality Impaired and Life on the Edge from the SR4 book, it's nice and helps you define how magic works, what it can do and can't do, and generally helps me to use magic in a more SR way.

The Awakened Character: 12 pages with extra advice and rules for creating magical characters. Everyting from discussing what metatypes to choose, what skills to take and what attributes to boost, to new skills, new qualities and some advanced rules. Not really necessary, and I have not yet used any part of this.

Paths of Magic: 16 pages of new traditions and a bit more about designing your own tradition. Nothing you couldn't do with the rules found in SR4. You might agree or disagree with the choises for a particular tradition, but overall I think they are done well. I have yet only used one of the traditions (Christian Theurgy), and it worked well, and was just as balanced as Shamans and Mages.

Initiation and Metamagic: 14 pages with expanded rules for initiation and more metamagic abilities. Many of these new abilities are nice and interesting, but I'm sure I could play Shadorwun for a very long time without missing these.

Magical Groups: 13 pages of rules of purposes, customs, strictures and benefits, including 14 sample groups. Nothing I have ever used in any edition of SR.

Magical Goods: 14 pages of background and rules for making your own focuses as well as new focuses. Nothing you couldn't do without in SR4.

Spirits of the Sixth World: 22 pages of new spirits and their powers, including free spirits, wild and aberrant spirits, new spirits for the new traditions, ally spirits and wild spirits. Very interesting and some of the best part of the book.

Astral Space and the Metaplanes: 23 pages of rules about how to handle the astral plane and teh metaplanes. If you are going to run quests on the metaplanes this is the chapter for you. If you are having troubles with astral projecting mages ruining your plans this is the chapter for you. Very nice but not something everybody will need.

Magical Threats: 22 pages of nastiness, ready to thrown at your players. This is the section I use and like the most. Ther are suggestions on how to use the threats, including the dark paths, blood magic, toxic magic (with toxic mentor spirits, toxic metamagic and toxic spirits), shadow spirits, inscet spirits (my favourite) and the shedim. This chapter makes the whole book worth ever penny it cost.

Grimoire: 34 pages. It starts off with spell design, which can be very usefull, if you need to design a new spell, this takes up 7 pages and i fairly usefull. The comes 10 pages of new spells, which you could make yourself, especially now that you have the spell design rules. Personally I've always found lists of spells, guns, powers, cars, armour etc. boring, so this part is equally boring. The same gose for the next 6 pages, which are new adept powers. Nothing I couldn't have made myself. The next 4 pages are new mentor spirits, and some suggestions for how to use the old ones under new names for different magical traditions. Again fairly boring. The chapter finishes off with 5 pages of tables with magical gear, adept powers and spell tables.

The book finishes off with a 3 page index.

On a personal level I would say that:

Worth the money (74 pages): The Awakened World: 14 pages Paths of Magic: 16 pages Spirits of the Sixth World: 22 pages Magical Threats: 22 pages

Waste of paper (110 pages): The Awakened Character: 12 page Initiation and Metamagic: 14 pages Magical Groups: 13 pages Magical Goods: 14 pages Astral Space and the Metaplanes: 23 pages Grimoire: 34 pages

Although some of this might change, for example if my players goes on a metaplanar quest, or starts to design their own spells.

I still wouldn't live without, but think that SM isn't necessary to play SR4.



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