Artyjuł,który ukazał się w piśmie Valkyrie. Zasady domowe (tzw. house rules). Autor: John Robertson

An article with house rules for SRII, intended to "add realism and further complicate the lives of shadowrunners everywhere." The rules are okay, if nothing overly special. Most — make that all are concerned with combat: rules for dodging, full-auto and burst fire, shotguns, explosive ammo, explosives (grenades etc.), shoulder stocks, layering armor, and adding ruthenium polymers (from Shadowtech) to body armor. All in all these rules can add some more realism to your game, if you're looking for house rules to do so and happen to come across this magazine. Although the article was written about five years before Shadowrun, Third Edition came out, most of this article is still usable with those newer rules, too, so don't pass it by just because it was written for second edition. Oh yeah, it also has pretty damn good art by one Pete Knifton.

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