20-525: Strike Force Bravo Edytuj

Price: $6.50
Figures: 4
Parts: 4
Overview: I have no idea what "Strike Force Bravo" is supposed to refer to, but I like the figures in this set anyway. It contains a male and female human, a female ork, and a male elf.

  • The male human is a decker shouting something and pointing a Predator II pistol at someone or other. The only weird thing about this figure is the way he's holding his deck; it reminds me of the way someone would hold a sign, and certainly not a computer costing hundreds of thousands of nuyen.
  • The female human is another magician, long-haired with an upraised staff and a short, revealing dress (*yawn*...),
  • while with the female ork the designers appeared to have tried for a punk look: long mohawk, chain mail "body armor," knee-length boots, etc. She's aiming a vz 88V assault rifle with one hand while the other holds an unidentifyable SMG (it looks a bit like an M3 "Grease Gun" SMG of World War II), and she then has a Sandler TMP on her back and a few grenades on her belt.
  • The elf is a street samurai type, with long hair in a ponytail, a Mossberg CMDT shotgun in his hand and his spurs extended. On his back is a sheathed katana and he also carries some grenades on an ammunition belt. The figures are well-sculpted, with good anatomical proportions and equally good detail, and can easily be used to represent most shadowrunners.
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