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Stymphalians are Awakened cousins of the purple heron (Ardeidae purpurea), and resemble large herons with tough serrated beaks and hardened calcified "arrow feathers". Stymphalians are able to throw these dart-like feathers as a ranged attack against prey. They also have a toxic breath consisting of vapors of partially digested, rotting meat.

Stymphalians live in social nesting groups of 10 to 25 adults, hunting in groups of 3 to 5. Stymphalians rarely attack metahumans unless provoked, and they are exquisitely sensitive to amplified sound, due to their enhanced sense of hearing. They live scattered throughout the marshes of Spain, southern France, Italy, and Greece.

STYMPHALIAN This creature resembles a large heron, standing just under 3 meters tall. Its four-toed feet have retractable claws, and it also has a long, serrated beak. Among its gray wing feathers are red “arrow feathers,” which it fires at prey from the air. The stymphalian uses the feathers to track its prey, which it knocks unconscious with its toxic breath.

B: 3
Q: 4 x 3
S: 2
I: 2/4
W: 4
E: 6
R: 3

INIT: 3 + 1D6
Attacks: 5L
Powers: Enhanced Senses (Improved Hearing), Noxious Breath
Weaknesses: Vulnerability to Sonic Attacks (Special)
Notes: Quickness multiplier for flying is 7. Damage Code for melee attack (beak or claws) is 5L. Damage Code for ranged attack (arrow feathers) is 4L. Short range is 0 to the creature’s Essence, medium range goes up to twice its Essence, long range to four times its Essence, and extreme range to six times its Essence.
Loud noise is painful to stymphalians and may even cause 3L damage as well as force them to flee (if the stymphalian fails a Willpower (4) Test).

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