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7322: Super Tuesday! (1996)[]

Authors: Stephen Kenson & Tom Dowd
ISBN 1-55560-303-3
Price: $15.00
Pages: 112
Edition: Second (with Virtual Realities 2.0 Matrix stats)
Status/Availability: in print/uncommon
Plot: Like Harlequin, Super Tuesday! is a mini-campaign of five adventures with a common theme. Although there is not really a thread running through them as there is in Harlequin, all the adventures are concerned with the candidates for the 2057 UCAS presidential elections]]. Each adventure starts off with some source material that the players might be given to read, which gives some background to the following adventure.
Political Poison: this adventure revolves around Arthur Vogel, a shaman and presidential candidate for the Democratic party. A toxic shaman plans to take revenge for something that happened years before by poisoning thousand of people at a rally for Vogel. The runners get involved because a friend of theirs stole the chemical agent to be used for the toxic shaman, and gets poisoned herself. Meanwhile, the corporation whose poison was stolen hirs other runners to retrieve it.
Strange Attraction: The runners wake up in the middle of a forest, and can't remember anything about how or why they got there. They have to make their way back to Seattle, and once there avoid or work together with up to three groups (Tir Tairngire agents, Aztechnology, and the Illuminates of the New Dawn magical group/political party) who are after them for an object they have in their possession, and preferably also find out what happened to them.
Casualties of War: A reporter hires the PCs to escort her and vice presidential candidate Anne Penchyk into Chicago (see Bug City), alledgedly to find and retrieve Penchyk's missing brother. The reporter turns out to be a mantis spirit whose group plans on turning Penchyk into one as well and use her to further their own aims. This leaves the PCs stranded in Chicago either with or without Anne Penchyk, searching for a way out. With Penchyk, this is relatively easy. Without her, it could be the start of a whole new campaign.
Ghost Story: While recovering from wounds, one of the runners is visited by the ghost of a young ork boy. If the runners ignore him, he will come back to haunt them until they find out who he is. The trouble is that the boy is Kenneth Brackhaven, who is running for president for the pro-human Archconservative party... The real Kenneth Brackhaven goblinized and was murdered by his father, then replaced by the human child who is now running for president. If this were to come out, his chance of being elected is virtually zero, so Brackhaven tries to stop the runners from digging too deep. Dry Run: Believing they are hired by the head of security the election campaign of the great dragon and presidential candidate Dunkelzahn to perform a run in Washington DC against James Booth, presidential candidate for the Technocratic Party, the PCs are actually in a virtual reality environment in one of Dunkelzahn's companies. They "wake up" just at the time some thugs take the facility hostage, resulting in a Die Hard-style finale where the unarmed and pyjama-wearing runners have to beat AK-97-wielding terrorists.
Thoughts: Super Tuesday! has some good adventures, especially because three of them don't start out in the old "Mr. Johnson walks up to you to hire you"-way. Despite not being all that long, the individual adventures can take plenty of time to play through, so I feel you get good value for money from this book.
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Survey Rating: 7.2 (19 votes)