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TAILS YOU LOSE by Lisa Smedman[]



ROC, February, 2001

Alma's ticking bomb is literally in her head. Unless she finds who has framed her for murder, the corporation for which she works will end her employment terminally. Unfortunately, the frame is near perfect. A shadow runner left an exact genetic match behind as the only clue in the abduction and murder of Alma's friend and co-worker Gray Wolf. Now this unknown enemy is sending her messages on her encrypted phone. Alma knows she has to go deep underground to have a chance at finding her enemy.

Night Owl enjoys her job as a shadow runner, bucking the huge dragon-controlled corporations that threaten her society and her future. Finding the mysterious Fu coin, which brings happiness to whomever possesses it, could be the triumph of her career--and it might be the only way she stays alive. With three street gangs and tough security professional Alma all hunting for her, Night Owl has her hands full. Of course she does have certain advantages--including the best implants money can buy.

Set in the popular late 21st century era after the return of magic (see, for example THE LAST HOT TIME or WAR FOR THE OAKS, TAILS YOU LOSE mixes magic with technology in a darkly dystopic world of national and moral breakdown and of corporate warfare. TAILS YOU LOSE is an intensely personal tale, centering on the relationship between Alma and Night Owl as each attempts to create something good out of the broken world they inhabit.

TAILS YOU LOSE is a superior work in a fascinating sub-genre.

Three Star

Beware the Evil Twin!![]


By Marc Ruby™ "The Noh Hare™"

When a key employee is extracted, Alma Wei, a security specialist, finds herself in the middle of a baffling investigation. Worse, the victim is the researcher Alma needs to to repair some of her malfunctioning experimental implants. Despite her efforts the researcher turns up dead. And DNA evidence points to Alma herself as the shadowrunner who performed the extraction. Suddenly she only has a few days to find the real culprit before a cranial bomb is set off in her head.

Thus begins a story of two women, Alma herself, and Night Owl, the shadowrunner who killed the researcher. They were both members of the SuperKids, a specialised breeding experiment designed to create exceptionally talented individuals. When the experiment is broken up after eight years the children lose all contact with each other. The story expands to include several fixers and mages, various gangs, three dragons and an unusual financial advisor who lives in a condo beneath the ocean. The plot takes countless twists and turns before the truth is finally uncovered. If you miss a couple of early hints final section of the book will come as a real surprise.

This is Lisa Smedman's fifth book for the long-running Shadowrun series, and she is clearly comfortable in the intricate game world where both magic and advanced technology work. I have enjoyed the series for some time, since many of the authors who participated are quite exceptional. Smedman has done her best job to date. Hopefully, Shadowrun will continue to be on of the best game-based series.

Recenzja z tyłu okładki[]

Two Sides of the Same Coin When a shadowrunner managed to extract PCI's most vital employee, it was Alma's job as security expert to get him back - no matter the cost. But all the evidence pointed to the one person who couldn't have done it... herself. Branded a traitor, Alma has one shot at redemption: find the real culprit. But she's never faced an enemy like this one. This 'runner not only looks like Alma - she's also equipped with Alma's top-of-the-line cybernetic implants, and she's backed by the powerful magic of the Chinese underworld. Now, the expert in defense must attack - and risk it all to bring down a rival so much like herself that there can be only one shocking explanation... --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

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