Shadowrun Wiki
  • Fast Food/Small Restaurant Archetype
  • Denny Way & Fifth Avenue North
  • Barbara Tam, Manager

This little no-frills restaurant sits in the shadow of the Space Needle and serves a delightful combination of Salish, Elven, Ork, and Canadian-American soy dishes. It is well worth the wait for a table.

Tam’s Under the Needle: Most folks almost trip over this place as they’re walking down Denny Way, because they’re usually too busy gawking at the Space Needle. The folks that do trip on it and decide to check it out, though, get rewarded with a real wizzer combination of Salish, Elven, Ork, and Canadian-American soy dishes to put a spin in your axis. Be prepared to wait, though, because you get enough regulars and people that have ‘discovered’ the place that you might find yourself standing around for at least fifteen minutes to half an hour when it’s nice outside. The food’s great, though, so you just gotta be patient and find something to do while you wait, like maybe check out the Space Needle with the rest of the plebes. Even Johnson, unless he’s a real cob, should be satisfied with the place, ‘cause you get all types there; that’s part of the charm. They say Barbara Tam, owner and manager, is a soft touch, so if you find yourself in a jam, she might let you work off your tab there or send you to one of the soup kitchens in the Barrens that she helps out.

Prices: thumbs up. They’re small but popular, which means they can afford to keep their prices pretty low and still turn a good profit. Works out for us, eh?
Speed of Service: thumbs down. Well, let’s be honest, here. They have gotten popular enough that the staff has started to take their time to get your order after they seat you from that half hour wait to begin with.
Quality: thumbs up. This makes up for everything, chummers. You’ll impress someone, chip-truth.

> Yeah, like the Mafia. The Finnegan family’s moving in on Barbara Tam like gangbusters, ‘scuse the pun.
> Ignatz (15:22:09/3-12-60)